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Worldcoin, Binance and Kraken unveil their new products

On the sidelines of cryptocurrency industry events and events held in different parts of the world, such as in Dubai, many cryptocurrency companies have unveiled new products and services, showcased their innovations and announced business expansion. the company behind the WorldCoin currency and the Binance and Kraken exchange.

Worldcoin (WLD), Sam Altman's controversial project, announces the launch of its Layer 2 blockchain

Layer 2 blockchains are platforms built on top of the main blockchain. For example, the Ethereum blockchain is the main blockchain and many second-layer blockchain chains are built on top of it, such as Optimism.

The second layer has often become necessary to compensate for the limitations of Ethereum, particularly with regard to transaction finalization times and usage fees, which are still particularly high.

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She announced The company behind the popular coin Worldcoin (WLD) has announced the launch of its layer 2 blockchain. The new chain is called World Chain. According to the developer team, World Chain was created primarily to significantly improve capacity, so that new people could join and existing users could benefit from faster and cheaper transactions.

It will also be a mechanism"Proof of humanity" developed by Worldcoin is at the heart of the system. World ID will allow users to verify their "humanity" and gain priority access to the second layer. Bot transactions will also be processed, but will not be given priority.

WorldCoin expects World Chain to launch this summer. The company wants the second layer to be "an ecosystem of identity and decentralized finance applications focused on their utility in everyday life."

Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange, launches its own self-hosted wallet and makes the code available in open source form!

Spear Kraken, the cryptocurrency trading platform, has its own non-custodial wallet that focuses on user privacy. The Kraken Wallet appears as a way to offer users a “non-custodial” wallet, that is to say an independent wallet. In fact, it is the users who hold the private keys, unlike the wallets offered on regular Kraken accounts for users of centralized exchanges.

The non-custodial Kraken wallet supports 8 major blockchain networks: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum, Polygon and Dogecoin. We can see that BlockchainBase is included in the listing, which is an interesting option from a direct competitor to Coinbase.

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Kraken also confirms that its code was audited before launch by Trail of Bits. The wallet code has been available as open source since its launch – a first for an exchange's self-hosted wallet.

So follow suit Kraken Also like the dominant platform Binance. The exchange launched a new self-hosted wallet last November. However, this does not prevent Kraken from complying with the regulations. In fact, the platform has started asking for information about its UK clients' non-custodial wallets.

Binance Launches Megadrop: A New Cryptocurrency Airdrop Playground

revealed Binance announces Megadrop, an innovative new platform that provides early access to promising web projects via an airdrop system. Through KegaDrop, users can earn tokens before listing them on Binance.

During its launch, Megadrop highlights BounceBit (BB), a blockchain that “recovers” Bitcoin. Of the maximum total of 2.1 billion BounceBit (BB) tokens, Megadrop will distribute 168 million BB as rewards, or 8% of the supply. These tokens will increase the initial distribution by 409.5 million BB, or 19.5% of the total.

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MegaDrop is not limited to the staking process in (BNB). The platform encourages participation and completion of various tasks. By completing certain tasks directly from their Binance wallet, users will gain early access to rewards from select Web3 projects before officially registering on Binance.

The launch of Megadrop highlights Binance's desire to innovate and strengthen its leadership position in the blockchain sector. The platform does not seem to be resting on its laurels and seems to be following current trends, since the airdrop season began several months ago.

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