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FOMC Meeting Minutes Show Possible Shift in Monetary Policy Position

Minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting highlighted the Fed's cautious approach to monetary policy adjustments. Priority to inflation management and economic stability. The protocol also noted the negative risks associated with maintaining overly restrictive policies for too long.

Amid Economic Uncertainty... Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting Minutes Show Potential Change in Monetary Policy Position

Fed officials are seeking a delicate balance between addressing inflation and supporting economic growth. Taking into account the potential consequences of their political decisions.

According to Minutes of the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Fed officials believe that interest rates are likely to reach their highest level. This indicates a possible shift in the stance of monetary policy.

However, before considering lowering interest rates, the FOMC emphasizes the importance of continuing progress toward its 2% inflation target. This highlights the focus of financial policymakers on price stability.

While the minutes don't hint at an imminent interest rate cut, they could show the Fed remains "very alert" to inflation risks. This highlights the importance of closely monitoring economic indicators to ensure price stability.

The minutes of the FOMC meeting say:

"Most participants pointed out the danger of softening political positions too quickly. How They stressed the importance of carefully assessing incoming data to judge whether inflation is moving sustainably towards 2%.".

In addition, the minutes released last night expressed support for keeping interest rates high for longer. This indicates a preference for maintaining contractionary monetary policy.

Most officials also acknowledged the risks associated with cutting interest rates too quickly. This indicates a cautious approach to adjusting monetary policy in the face of economic uncertainty.

Exaggerated... investors are waiting for Nvidia profits

U.S. stocks fell for a third straight day on Wednesday amid concerns about Nvidia's upcoming earnings report (Nvidia) the American chip designer and artificial intelligence pioneer put significant pressure on the company's shares, leading to a decline in overall US indices on Wednesday.

In fact, concerns about Nvidia's valuation have intensified ahead of the announcement, given the chipmaker's massive 230% share price rise over the past year. However, NVDA shares fell more than 19.80% over the past 24 hours to reach $674.72.

Stock markets in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan are likely to pay close attention to Nvidia's results, given that these regions together accounted for 46% of Nvidia's revenue in the third quarter. This highlights the significant impact that Nvidia's performance could have on Asian markets.

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