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Tornado Cash alerts its users. here's why

He advised Tornado Cash Users who have made deposits to the cryptocurrency mixing service since January 1 are advised to exercise caution. Indeed, transaction-related data may have been exposed.

Some deposits on Tornado Cash are at risk

The Tornado Cash team published this Alert The day before yesterday, about an “exploitation” that occurred on January 1st. The warning message concerns people who made a deposit after this date, but only for those who used IPFS:

“If you deposit to Tornado Cash using IPFS gateways (e.g.,,, there is a possibility that your ticket may be exposed and your deposited funds may be at risk ."

The malicious developer is always looking for an opportunity...

Tornado Cash has advised individuals whose funds may be at risk to change the ratings linked to their deposits, in order to secure their assets. To do this, they can use the IPFS gateway recommended by the team:

"It is recommended to edit notes using the following IPFS ContextHash deployment, which was previously used for tornadocash.eth."

Additionally, the Blender team advised people with TORN tokens to use them to vote against two proposals submitted by user Butterfly Effects, "to protect against further malicious actions."

What is behind the theft mentioned by the anonymity service team? We do not know the full extent of this malicious act, nor the total amount involved. Therefore, users are advised to be careful.

Tornado Cash appears to be struggling in recent months. After warning at the end of 2023 about the lack of funds for its legal defense, the token was also withdrawn Its TORN comes from Binance. Fundraising platform GoFundMe has since canceled the fundraiser.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency mixer is in turmoil and the recently revealed attack will not improve its situation.







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