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Ledger hardware wallets integrate with the MetaMask mobile app

A long-awaited feature arrived this week... Ledger has finally announced that its Nano X hardware wallets can now be used on the MetaMask mobile wallet app. Let's explore this new feature.

Ledger Nano X hardware wallets are now compatible with the MetaMask mobile app

For many years, Ledger hardware wallets have been compatible with the MetaMask web browser extension, but until now this layer of security was missing in the mobile app.

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However, that gap has now been closed, Ledger announced Thursday. This feature was announced in July 2022, and it took almost two years for this feature to come to fruition.

He emphasized Carl Andersonvice president of engineering at Ledger, emphasized the importance of self-protection for both parties:

“MetaMask and Ledger are both self-protecting assets, so it made sense for us to partner together and offer Web3 users a great combination of a seamless experience and best-in-class security.”"

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As a reminder, a private key stored on a device connected to the Internet such as a mobile device or a computer is particularly vulnerable to hacking. And for good reason, the slightest fraudulent application can seek to steal the associated cryptocurrencies, which is not possible with a hardware wallet, as long as a physical verification is not carried out.

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Additionally, recently the two leading companies Ledger and MetaMask have entered into notable partnerships. On the one hand, Coinbase Pay features were added to the Ledger Live application last February in order to buy cryptocurrencies directly there, while on the MetaMask side, a huge partnership with Revolut was revealed this week.

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