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Gemini Stock Exchange Acquires English Football Club

With a $4.5 million investment in Bitcoin (BTC), Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, became co-owners of the Bedford Football Club in England through their trading company. investment, Winklevoss Capital.

Gemini Exchange founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss become co-owners of Bedford Football Club

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, have invested in an English football club through their investment company Winklevoss Capital. And that As announced stock market last Friday.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, have jointly acquired ownership of the Real Bedford Football Club (RBFC), located in the town of Bedford, about 100 kilometers north of London. This was achieved by investing $4.5 million in Bitcoin (BTC) in partnership with podcast host Peter McCormack, who already owns the club.

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Peter McCormack is best known for hosting the podcast “What Bitcoin Did” which discusses Bitcoin technology and cryptocurrencies in general. Additionally, McCormack is a strong advocate of Bitcoin, having purchased the club in 2021 and intending to one day take them to the Premier League, the highest league in the country. He is currently ranked ninth in England.

Through this strategic investment, Gemini Exchange emphasizes the societal dimension of Bitcoin. Knowing that in January 2022, she began supporting the club through sponsorship deals. This new phase will also support the development of the club in several areas. These areas include establishing the Bedford FC treasury, developing a training center and supporting women's and youth football. Also increasing the relief fund to enable underprivileged children in the city to play football.

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Finally, the Winklevoss brothers reappeared last month in a new study examining billionaires in the cryptocurrency industry. Tyler Winklevoss placed eleventh (11), while his brother, Cameron Winklevoss, came in next (12).

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