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Ripple CEO expects crypto market value to explode

During his interview with CNBC. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, was particularly optimistic about the effects of the Bitcoin halving, which will occur in less than two weeks. He also highlighted the already noticeable effects of the arrival of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Total market value of cryptocurrencies will double by the end of the year according to Ripple CEO

during Interview with CNBC, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple (XRP), was very “optimistic” about the future of the cryptocurrency market and its performance in the short and medium term (2024). Garlinghouse said the capitalization of cryptocurrencies will double by the end of this year.

Additionally, Brad Garlinghouse spoke specifically about the effects of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, which will occur in less than two weeks. As well as the notable effects of the arrival of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds:

"I'm very optimistic. I think macro trends, like ETFs, are attracting real institutional money for the first time."

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Halving is one of the central elements of the Bitcoin operating mechanism. This event is part of the game that aims to gradually make new Bitcoins rarer. Brad Garlinghouse believes that this event will have a more positive impact on the price of Bitcoin:

“We see that (halving) leads to increased demand, and at the same time (…) supply decreases. (…) You don’t have to be an economics student to understand what happens next.”

Thus, the Ripple CEO believes that cryptocurrency prices will increase and the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will double by the end of the year. All this thanks to two main factors: AND F And cut in half.

Currently, the market capitalization of crypto assets is $2.7 trillion. If we take into account the words of Brad Garlinghouse, this sum could reach 5.4 trillion dollars by December 2024.

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Finally, Ripple's CEO is not the only one to be particularly optimistic about the end of this year and the impact of the halving, particularly on the broader cryptocurrency market. Many analysts and billionaires around the world share the same idea. As the halving approaches, excitement is currently evident in the cryptocurrency market.

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