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800 thousand fraud operations during the airdrop process for this encrypted code!

Before the ZRO token airdrop from LayerZero Labs, strict anti-fraud measures were implemented. In fact, more than 800,000 suspicious addresses were identified during the initial phase of the investigation. This is how it happened.

In preparation for the airdrop process ZRO...More than 800,000 suspicious addresses have been identified

As the air launch of LayerZero (ZRO) eagerly approaches this year, the protocol's development team announced measures against cheaters earlier this month. In short, LayerZero Labs seeks to identify so-called spam (Sybil) addresses. These are suspicious (spam) addresses created with fake volumes just to qualify.

Those involved had until last Friday to come forward voluntarily. In exchange, they will receive 15% of their initial ZRO allocation in the next airdrop. Based on these initial admissions and its own research in partnership with Nansen Labs and Chaos Labs, LayerZero has already identified exactly 803,093 suspicious addresses, according to the protocol. On Twitter.

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Notably, more than 2 million addresses were initially identified as potentially CIBIL, but stricter criteria were reformulated to reduce false positive addresses. This number therefore fell to 803,093.

The second phase of these investigations has now begun. Bounty hunters can now submit the results of their searches for suspicious addresses to LayerZero Labs, in hopes of earning 10% of the airdrop amount those addresses were entitled to receive.

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The deadline for this second phase is May 31, and each report must demonstrate a precise methodology and contain at least 20 titles. This means that the number of cheaters, or at least potential cheaters, is subject to change. As the protocol announced:

"This list is preliminary. It is intended to remove large groups of titles from eligibility for bounty hunts, but should not be considered final until the final report is published. For example, a title may be removed from the CEBIL list as we update the methodology We will continue to refine and improve our methodology Over the next two weeks of bounty hunting, the initial list will not be updated during this time. and will not affect bounty hunters The final list of intruders will be released after May 31, once the Bounty Hunt update is complete.

As a result, more addresses will be added to the suspicious address list, while others will likely be removed. In the meantime, it will be Distribution of rewards These are not paid to suspicious addresses in the rest of the community when the drop arrives at ZRO.

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