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Japan's SNPIT launches blockchain-based photo database

SNPIT offers a revolutionary concept of earning from photos, combining elements of blockchain games and daily lifestyle applications to offer users an innovative way to turn their passion for photography into a source of income.

Innovative Japanese platform launches blockchain-based image database

SNPIT, created by Gallusys and made public by Zeal Nova, transforms the intersection of photography and blockchain technology.

Prepare SNPIT platform Pioneered the concept of making money. It combines elements of blockchain games and daily lifestyle apps to offer users an innovative way to monetize their passion for photography. After its successful debut in Japan in late 2023, SNPIT is now entering English-speaking markets around the world.

The SNPIT platform leverages and encourages today's generation's passion for frequent photography by rewarding users for sharing their photos. Since its soft launch in September 2023, the platform has attracted growing interest, with 10,000 NFT cameras sold in just 21 hours, at a price of 150 MATIC per camera. This rapid demand also confirms the growing popularity of the platform and the great interest in its innovative features.

Strategic partnerships have significantly contributed to strengthening the company's position SNPIT platform Attract a diverse user base. The distinguished collaboration with White Scorpion has resulted in the launch of a limited edition NFT camera. Which attracted over 300 new users to their community. This collaboration illustrates SNPIT's ability to seamlessly connect the Web 2 and Web 3 communities.

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Recently, SNPIT launched the “Global Repository,” a photo database that leverages Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) technology, allowing users to upload photos with precise timestamps and location data. It also stores these images securely and makes them accessible anywhere in the world.

The database supports many applications. Including the restoration of cultural heritage, andContent Creation Meta-environmental and generative training of artificial intelligence. Additionally, it enhances its mapping services with detailed area information. The Global Repository aims to revolutionize the way visual data is documented, shared and used, fostering a more connected and informed world.

SNPIT announces partnership with BOBG Bank to launch $SNPT cryptocurrency

Furthermore, SNPIT recently announced a partnership with... BOBG Bank (Blockchain Games Bank), which will be responsible for issuing the encrypted token $SNPT. This collaboration represents an important step in the platform's growth and expansion strategy, providing it with robust token issuance capabilities and the integration of advanced blockchain solutions.

By partnering with BOBG Group, SNPIT aims to leverage its extensive experience and infrastructure to ensure the launch of a secure, efficient and scalable token, thereby enhancing the capabilities and reach of the platform.

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As part of these partnerships, Toshiyuki Otsuka, CEO and founder of SNPIT, expressed his excitement about the app's potential:

“SNPIT is more than just an app, it's a movement that empowers users to transform everyday moments into valuable assets. Our successful debut in Japan validates our vision, and we are excited to introduce SNPIT to a global audience. innovative combination of life and games, powered by technology Of pinewill resonate with users around the world, and we are committed to expanding our impact.

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