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NOTCOIN game records a record... and the currency increases by 6%

I saw the game "Note Coin" (Notcoin), based on the Telegram application, has seen considerable growth in its player base, reaching 40 million players. This remarkable achievement came after the game team refuted claims regarding the inaccuracy of player count calculation by external tools.

The currency “Notecoin” was exchanged (NOT) to $0.0185, up 5% in the last 24 hours and a staggering 210% increase in the last two weeks, according to data from CoinGecko.

Earlier this month I signed up NO coin Its all-time high is $0.0283. Which pushed its market value to exceed $2.75 billion.

NOTCOIN price chart
NOTCOIN price chart

Players generated $1.5 million in profits from 20 campaigns, and the team expects this figure to increase significantly with the launch of automated campaigns on the platform.

The NoteCoin team announced new features in development, including sharing rewards with friends. Giving gold and platinum players access to premium currency builds, implementing automated campaigns, and giving new players access to higher tiers.

On May 20, the number of players reached 35 million. This means the game gained over 5 million new players in just three weeks, an increase of 14%. This impressive growth is thanks to the recently launched “Earning Quests” program, which allows players to passively earn rewards.

The rewards are: Notcoins (NOT), which is the in-game digital currency that operates on “The Open Network”. These rewards differ from the one-time rewards players receive after completing a quest or adventure, because passive reward generation is what drives game adoption and player retention.

Last week, Open Builders, the game's lead developer, made the announcement. About the distribution of 40 million coins NoteCoin is awarded to players who registered redemption coupons for the game before its release on the market.

The market value of pre-release NFTs is around $324 million. Around 59,000 users have 795,000 vouchers, according to For the data Dune platform created by the NoteCoin team.

Pre-market NFT vouchers allow investors and users to acquire NFTs before their IPO. They are used to promote and advertise, provide early access, secure early sales and provide discounts and special offers.

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