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 In 2021, the popularity of best crypto gaming, commonly known as GameFi, skyrocketed. This was partially due to an increase in play-to-earn gaming, and partly owing to advancements in technology that enable better games.

Axie Infinity (AXS), which pioneered the notion of play-to-earn gaming, surged over 17,000 percent last year as millions of gamers signed on to breed, battle, and accomplish quests in this virtual world. In 2022, Axie may or may not be able to keep its top rank. Regardless, as best crypto  gaming appears to be on the rise, it's a good idea to keep an eye on some other gaming cryptos.

best crypto games:

Gala Games (GALA)

best crypto games

In November, the price of Gala best crypto games reached an all-time high, increasing by approximately 550 percent in just one month. It has now recovered and is presently up nearly 100% over the last six months. The platform says that it creates "games you'll genuinely want to play," and it presently has a number of titles in the works.

The only one that's ready to play right now is Town Star, a play-to-earn game in which players compete to develop the best town. A survival shooter game called Last Expedition, an interplanetary strategy game called Echoes of Empire, and a tower defense game called Fortified are among the seven best crypto games in development.

Star Atlas (Atlas) 

best crypto games

We've separated metaverse tokens, which are focused on virtual worlds, from gaming tokens, which are focused on games. However, there is a lot of overlap between the two. Star Atlas, for instance, is both a metaverse and a game token.

Star Atlas is based on the Solana (SOL) network and employs two in-game tokens: ATLAS and POLIS. In a future reality, players sign up for one of three fractions. They can work together to construct, mine for resources, explore, and trade. It's a visually stunning fantasy role-playing game.

Yield Guild Games (YGG)

best crypto games

One of the most disconcerting aspects of a game like Axie Infinity is that you must own three Axie non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to play. When the cheapest Axie was $10, it was one thing. They cost upwards of $200 at the height of Axie's popularity. To get started, you'd have needed to invest at least $600. It's not just Axie; there are a variety of  crypto games where you have to pay to participate.

Gaming guilds allow users who don't want to spend so much money to join and borrow the stuff they require. The guild acquires assets in a variety of be crypto games and lends them to its members.

Enjin (ENJ)

best crypto games

NFTs are the focus of Enjin. It makes creating, buying, selling, and storing NFTs simple. Enjin is a gaming platform that allows users to produce NFTs that can be traded between games. One of the most fascinating parts about best crypto  gaming is that, in the past, you may spend hours playing a game only to have the points or objects you gained become worthless once you stopped playing. People can now sell their goods or move them to other best crypto games thanks to  crypto  gaming.

Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World (CHW), the mobile-app platform to which I alluded earlier. As previously stated, it's similar to Pokémon Go, however instead of Charmanders and Squirtles, you scavenge for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) (ETH).

CHW is a geo-location game in which you are represented on a digital map by an adorable blue cube. When you move around in real life, the blue fellow follows suit. There were blue keys dispersed throughout a computer map that represented my neighborhood while I played CHW.

This isn't a game you can play from your couch; I had to go outside and collect all of the keys scattered over the globe. I ended up collecting the blue keys by walking to a local 7-11, my favorite Greek restaurant, an empanada restaurant, and a few other recognizable locations. I was asked to answer a quiz question after submitting my collected keys to a vault (they don't hand out crypto like that!). I replied accurately, and in exchange, I received some free BTC and ETH.

. won't just hand over crypto to you!). I replied accurately, and in exchange, I received some free BTC and ETH.

I made 60 cents worth of BTC and 40 cents worth of ETH after using CHW for a half hour. Keep in mind that this was my first time using the app, and I was still figuring out how to use CHW. I could have made a few dollars with a bit more commitment and experience before passing out from all the walking. Most CHW gamers, according to Reddit, make around $20 each week – one Redditor claimed to make $60 per week.

The disadvantage is that you'll need a lot of time to earn a significant amount of cryptocurrency on CHW. Also, if you live in the country, keys will be harder to come by.

"How is CHW earning money if you're getting paid in ETH and BTC?" you might wonder. That isn't the case. According to CoinHuntWorldWiki, the game is now losing money. CHW, on the other hand, intends to profit in the long run by relying on advertising. These adverts will not be as annoying as the pop-ups and videos found on most mobile apps. Instead, CHW aims to charge token teams for using the Coin Hunt World platform to educate people about their digital assets.

Coinbase, the most widely used bitcoin exchange in the United States, follows a similar pattern. It pays users to view animated, informative movies about their partners' money and incentivizes them to do so (I've received around $20 so far).

CHW is still in early access, and as of this writing, it's exclusively available on Google Play for Android users. It's also worth noting that one of Coin Hunt World's co-founders is the CEO of Bittrex, a famous cryptocurrency exchange.

Wolf Game

best crypto games

Wolf Game may be the game for you if you don't mind spending some money before playing. So here's how Wolf Game works: wolves chase sheep. Sheep are extremely vulnerable to wolves.
What makes this game interesting is that you never know whether you'll get a wolf or a sheep when you buy an animal for your barn. Sheep, on the other hand, are more common than wolves. A wolf in the game can swoop in and steal your cattle when you're buying an animal, which adds to the risk factor. It's also possible to lose money in the process! Your sheep or wolf will arrive safely in your barn if the deal goes successfully.
The long-term potential for passive income is one of the reasons why this play-to-earn game is gaining popularity. You can earn more WOOL if you have more sheep in your barn (an up-and-coming cryptocurrency). Shearing your sheep is one way to accomplish this. If the price of WOOL rises, your virtual barn can give you real-life passive dividends that will surprise you. As previously stated, wolves rule the game, and they are the most sought-after animal in this earn-to-play title. Why? Because every time a player shears their sheep to gain WOOL, all wolves receive a 20% bonus.

The game's sole drawback is that it operates on the Ethereum network, which means that players will have to deal with those pesky, pricey gas fees.As a result, it's worth noting that the Polygon network has a comparable play-to-earn game called Fast Food Wolf Game, which has significantly lower gas prices.

To summarize, Wolf Game is one of the top play-to-earn crypto games because of its NFTs (sheep and wolf), which may be used to generate passive money. You can even sell your sheep and wolves on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

You'll need to connect your Metamask wallet in order to play both games. To maximize your security, utilize a Ledger Nano S (or X) with your wallet.

NFT gaming is the future

Do you recall how popular Pokémon cards were? My classmates and I would buy $10 packs of Pokémon cards and cross our fingers that we'd acquire rare cards (Pokémon with a lot of HP) so that we could provoke envy and destroy inferior Pokémons in card fights.
In the guise of NFT gaming, the trading-card obsession is on the cusp of making a resurgence. During my study, I came across Axie Infinity, an NFT game with a strong Pokémon influence. Its basic gameplay entails fielding a three-person team of creatures known as Axies, each with a unique skill set, and sending them into war against other players.
Because Axie Infinity is likely the most popular P2E game today, I had to see what all the fuss was about. However, I was immediately put off when I discovered that I needed to buy three Axies in order to play the game - and they're not cheap if you want to be a serious contender. When I saw the price tags of the most ferocious Axies, I felt my wallet shiver; they ranged from $230 to $312,000 in the marketplace.
"Who the hell is going to pay $300,000 for a digital toy?" I was perplexed. But, believe it or not, one Axie Infinity gamer made news for paying $1.5 million for a virtual parcel of land.

Although million-dollar purchases aren't common on Axie Infinity, the trade activity is nevertheless incredible, with users spending between $200 and $400 each Axie to form a battle-ready team. Axie Infinity requires at least $690 to begin playing, according to CoinGecko, and the platform only recently achieved one million active daily users in mid-August.

We have to talk over how people are actually investing their difficult money on unquantifiable, funky-looking monsters for a silly online game. Axie Infinity is making money, but more importantly, we have to talk about just how people are truly investing their hard-earned money on intangible, funky-looking monsters for a silly online game. Why? The key word here is "investment."According to a CoinGecko poll, 65% of Axie Infinity players produce at least 151 Smooth Love Potion (SLP) per day. On Axie Infinity, SLP is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that can be obtained. As of this writing, one SLP costs 14 cents, implying that more than half of the participants are earning $21 per day to help return their initial investment.
Furthermore, players may sell their Axies for anywhere between $200 and $350 on NFT marketplaces – or $312,000 if they want to test the waters for insanely wealthy purchasers. This is why I feel NFT gaming will be around for a long time.
I mean, why wouldn't it? It's a business strategy that entices players to spend hundreds of dollars on in-game purchases, and they'll gladly do so since they see it as an investment rather than a costly splurge. This is a game developer's dream come true.
However, P2E  crypto games aren't simply for entertainment. For some, it's a way of life. A recent YouTube documentary revealed the growing popularity of peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming in developing countries (particularly the Philippines). "[Axie Infinity] met our daily requirements, paid our bills, and cleared our debts," said a mother of two who had lost her work as a result of the pandemic. "I felt grateful to Axie since she assisted us in some way."
I'm focused on Axie Infinity here, but I've seen several other P2E games where individuals buy expensive NFTs in the hopes of profiting in the long term — and these aren't simply trading-card platforms. I also found a few driving simulator crypto games (such as Riot Racers and Revv Competing) that require players to buy car NFTs from OpenSea before racing against other players. The more sexier the car, the more expensive it is (the car above costs over $3,000).

Blankos Block Party 

Blankos Block Party is the only NFT game that I would suggest. It was created by the same team that created Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Guitar Hero.
It's a strange, bright, eccentric open-world game that makes you feel like you're living inside a flamboyant pinball machine. I also didn't have to pay anything to play the game.

With 3D characters known as "Blankos," playable NFTs that can be gained in the game and traded on marketplaces, you may play tag, race against others, dance at block parties, and more.
Because this is a graphics-intensive game, you'll need your gaming laptop (along with a controller or gaming mouse). It didn't work well on my Acer Swift 3). To entice additional gamers to its platform, Mythical Games, the publisher of Blankos Block Party, has already signed collaborations with DJ deadmau5 and luxury brand Burberry. Axies and CryptoPunks are currently the talk of the town, but Blankos may be next.


P2E crypto and NFT  crypto games are making a big mark in the business, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess it depends on how "the powers that be" intend to put them into effect. The Brave browser, for example, operates on a similar basis, in which users are compensated in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for giving marketers their attention. As previously said, I like the Coinbase concept, which allows users to earn free cryptocurrency by watching instructional, animated movies about advertisers' tokens.
Coin Hunt World appears to be pursuing a similar P2E business model, which is why I selected it as the top play-to-earn game. Our time and data are precious assets, so it's fantastic that more platforms are prepared to compensate us for them.

Coin Hunt World appears to be pursuing a similar P2E business model, which is why I selected it as the top play-to-earn game. Our time and data are precious assets, so it's fantastic that more platforms are prepared to compensate us for them.

That said, I've always been wary of platforms that force me to make in-game payments since they're required for me to thrive and progress. Many P2E games follow this approach, but I believe they differ slightly in that game makers are stating, "Hey, we're not the only ones generating money - you are, too!" However, keep in mind that there's a potential you'll lose money.
For example, your Axie may be worth $250 now, but it may be worth nothing next year. The Smooth Love Potion token that Axie provides to participants is currently 14 cents, but its value might fall by the end of the year. In contrast, the value of both assets might explode, but given the volatility of the crypto market, it's vital to consider the other side.

Whether you like cryptocurrency or not, it's here to stay, particularly in the gaming industry. NFTs, in fact, fit like a puzzle piece into the game business. By definition, NFTs are one-of-a-kind, crypto digital collectibles, which screams "in-game purchases." It was only a matter of time before the gaming industry took advantage of the NFT's popularity.