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What games crypto can you earn cryptocurrency by playing? in 2022

 In 2022, the cryptocurrency market offers a wide range of ways to earn tokens. Like play betting, regular investing, or slot auctions, the process of earning cryptocurrency is often boring.

But what if I told you that you can earn cryptocurrency through play games?
Now you will tell me: How can I earn money and Bitcoin by play games? and what games crypto can you earn cryptocurrency by playing? in 2022

What games crypto can you earn cryptocurrency by playing? in 2022

In fact, by play crypto games you can get digital assets. But how can I play it exactly, and which is better? Play-to-Ears players earn digital cash or non-fungible tokens, which now are powered by blockchain, also known as P2E. It has become a staple in every metaverse, with each platform featuring its cryptocurrency to pay online players for their time commitment.

Can you earn bitcoin cryptocurrency by play a game?

With crypto games (or P2E) you can play and earn some precious cryptocurrency by playing games. This is usually done by producing currency by play and performing missions, beating opponents, and doing some challenges. You can exchange it for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another currency on a decentralized exchange. You need to make an initial investment but sometimes you can get started for free.

You can transfer the money earned by play these games to your cryptocurrency wallet, or use it to purchase other items. They can also be used to purchase NFT tokens or non-fungible tokens. In some games, NFTs are the currency. This means that you can claim ownership of items in-game and sell or trade them.

One of the reasons why the P2E industry is growing so rapidly is the financial benefits that are a great incentive for gamers. Such projects come under GameFi, (or DeFi) which is an amalgamation of gaming platforms and decentralized finance.

Best play to earn crypto games

Now that we know that cryptocurrency games are a huge step forward in the crypto world that is played to earn, which one, in particular, is the best?

You may have your own opinion, as it is your choice to play different types of games. But today we brought you a group of P2E crypto games that guarantee you to earn digital assets and are fun to play at the same time.

  • 1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most profitable crypto game, The reason for this is that its currency, Smooth Love Potion (or SLP), can be exchanged for cash. It also contains the Axie Infinity Token (AXS).

This trade and battle game has “pivots” – NFTs minted with Ethereum that players can collect and trade with other users online. There are infinitely many types of axes. When a user fights other players and wins, he earns love potions that can be exchanged for AXS tokens.

Axie Infinity consists of battle mode, adventure mode, and battle mode includes play against opponents, while adventure mode includes quests, you can win battles by creating your characters, and you can also sell an SLP model by crafting it.

Axie Infinity has about 8 million users, and about 1 million users play it every day. Axie Infinity is working to support the crypto asset economy in Southeast Asia.

The value of one share of AXS is approximately $66.
Axie Infinity has quite a complex economy and ecosystem, so it will take a while to understand how it works and you play it.

  • 2. Decentraland metaverse

Decentraland is a platform that allows players to build their 3D virtual world, buy and develop lands within the platform, he can create anything he wants with it, open an online store, and create a game. The player can also pay other players to play and keep his land safe while he is offline.

Decentraland metaverse

The virtual space inside Decentraland is called LAND, which is a non-fungible digital asset held in an Ethereum node. The Earth is divided and defined by (x, y) coordinates. These parcels are owned by members and purchased using MANA, the cryptocurrency its symbol is Decentraland.

Members can create shared spaces. A list of proposals can be found on GitHub. Decentraland content is stored and distributed over a decentralized network and transactions are verified on the Ethereum blockchain.
To play Decentraland, you need to have an Ethereum wallet to be able to buy a MANA coin. You can then start sharing.
One MANA is valued at just over $2.66. As of April 1, 2022, about 1.8 billion MANA tokens will be in circulation.

  • 3. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a futuristic sci-fi game to create an immersive gaming experience for earn through gameplay, upgrades, and mining. The player can capture NFT alien species and use them to mine or find different items. The odds of winning increase as the player upgrades.

alien worlds crypto game

The official cryptocurrency for Alien Worlds is Trillium. The user can use the TLM token to trade NFTs with other users or win battles and perform missions. You will also need land, mining tools, and TLM deposits to get started.

As of April 1, 2022, one share of TLM is approximately $0.14.

  • 4. The Sandbox

the sandbox crypto game

The Sandbox It is a blockchain-based game that allows users to build and craft tools to survive in the metaverse. Users who play The Sandbox can go on missions to earn currency to buy LAND - the NFT - to build a castle, in-game, which is the SAND token. By combining creativity with survival strategy, The Sandbox encourages active participation, buying, and selling of NFTs on the platform. The higher the player's level, the more items they can build.

36% of the total supply is traded approximately 1.2 billion sands - as of April 1, 2022, valued at approximately $3.53 per unit.

  • 5.  Zed Run

Zed Run crypto game playing games

Zed Run is a horse racing game that allows users to play and nurture horses - like NFTs - and upgrade them to make them stronger, and trade them with other players on the platform.

In this Play-to-Ears game, players race their horses to earn rewards. Each horse has its strengths, and they can upgrade them to win races. They can also place bets on other users to earn money.

Zed Run has no cryptocurrency. Instead, all winnings and sales are paid in Ether.

  • 6. Blank Block Party

Blancos Block Party is a party platform where users can play games and perform quests to collect the currency Moola or MLA. Credit card purchases can also be made at Blanko Bucks.

Blank Block Party

Participants create unique assets through play, which are NFTs. users can then buy, sell and trade their Blankos in exchange for various special abilities and perks. Blank Block Party, is one of the best 'earning games' that allows users to collect and earn NFT while having fun, and trading cryptocurrencies through external exchanges.

While there is a total quantity of 740,000 MLA coins available, there is no information on how many were in circulation as of April 1, 2022. Half a cent is the value of one lot of MLA coin.

  • 7. Gods Unchained

gods unchained crypto games

In Gods Unchained users can earn NFT cards and compete against each other in this blockchain-based play-to-earn game. it centers around powerful entities known as "Gods", each with their special skills. In this game, these cards can be purchased with GODS currency, in-game, which can be earned by play and beating other players in combat.

As of April 2022, approximately 23.7 million GODS coins are in circulation, which is approximately 5% of the total supply, with one share of GODS worth approximately 1.58 $.

  • 8. My DeFi Pe

My DeFi Pe crypto games

My DeFi Pet is one of the most popular for- earn games where players can raise, buy, sell and trade pets in the blockchain-based game market. They can also create unique NFTs for these animals by customizing their features, such as color, fur, eyes, head shape, and wings. My DeFi Pet runs on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

The DPET currency can be used to purchase food, clothing, and other items from the market, to purchase from the game's official website, or to trade NF, using DPET currency.
As of April 1, 2022, a single share of DPET was worth $0.38, and there were around 6.9 million DPET coins in circulation.

  • 9. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an astronomy game. Where users can trade NFTs for planets, stars, and other elements in space. Each star or planet has features that make them unique from each other in the game.

Star Atlas crypto game

 Users can quickly travel and discover new worlds by circumnavigating this virtual galaxy.
This blockchain-powered game relies on two tokens: POLIS, a governance token, and ATLAS, a utility token. And the number of POLIS systems it produces is increasing. The more ATLAS a user has.

As of April 1, 2022, over 2.2 billion ATLAS coins were in circulation, accounting for about 6% of the total supply, while a single share of AXS was worth around $0.03. During the same period, 21.6 million POLIS coins were in circulation, accounting for around 6% of the total quantity, with a single POLIS share valued at $2.09.

If you are a fan of farming, Plant vs. Undead is your choice to earn money from cryptocurrency games, where you must produce light energy, LE, to develop in the game. 

Plant vs. Undead crypto game

Currency within the game Plant vs. Undead is Light Energy, which you can trade on decentralized exchanges after converting them to Plant vs. tokens. Undead (or PVU).

There are also plants in the form of NFTs that you can profit from and sell, each NFT varies in value according to its rarity.
Plus, you're in Plant vs. Undead you harvest seeds, take care of your farm, and do some other tasks, but sometimes you have to defend your farm and your precious plants, but this combat element is not the main objective of the game.

  • 11. Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians crypto game

Battle of Guardians is the most popular real-time multiplayer NFT platform. Developed by Unreal Engine, it is a science-fiction game, with humans, demons, and guardians, three main characters in the game, and it has an exciting story about technology portals and multidimensionality. The game has several modes, tournament mode, arena mode, and story mode, all of which consist of different challenges.

You can earn money in the Battle of Guardians by using NFTs. You can earn more and more rewards as you progress in the game, but you must pay an entry fee to play in a tournament. Battle of Guardians has its official marketplace, you can exchange NFT characters or even sell them.
Battle of Guardians also contains two types of coins with different functions, which you can bet on to earn the rewards:

  1. Battle of Guardians Share (BGS)
  2. Fighting Points (FP).   

metawars crypto game

MetaWars is a sci-fi-themed multiplayer of the future ، Launched in October 2021 on BNB (or Binance Smart Chain), this P2E game combines combat and space exploration and provides the user with control over the economy. You play with robots and develop them and even create space fleets.

It has an original code, WARS, which you can earn by winning battles and challenges. You can even participate in WARS and use it in auctions. In addition, you can buy NFTs from them, and trade them with other users to earn.

Gamma (or GAM) is a secondary token in MetaWars that serves as the game's main prize token. It should be noted, however, that both currencies now have a very low market value.

  • 13. Illuvium

illuvium  crypto game

Illuvium is a 3D RPG Open World game based on the Ethereum Blockchain with an automatic battle game. Like old school RPGs, the primary task of the game is to play to complete quests, win battles and upgrade ranks, the rewards are ILV tokens and they are digital assets.

NFT Illuvial are creatures with many distinct skills that players can collect and upgrade to play with and win battles. Both NFT Illuvials and items can be traded on the Illuvium Market, using real money.

Illuvium became even stronger and more popular with its integration with Immutable X, Layer 2 solution protocols for fee-free NFTs. Peer-to-peer trading within the Illuviums community has no GAS fee, unlike other games based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Illuvium will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 and will allow users to enjoy playing and trading across multiple DeFi platforms.

Upcoming coding games

You should keep an eye on the upcoming crypto games if you want the best opportunities to increase your income from cryptocurrency.
The best opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies is by investing early in new projects, as they are associated with a low entry price and you can take advantage of any potential growth, many blockchain games allow early adopters to get a head start.

With that in mind, I have brought you some of the best crypto games due to be released later in 2022:

  • Silk - Silks is perhaps the most awaited crypto game for this, as we mentioned earlier. It connects real-world authentic horse racing with cryptocurrency. In the Silks ecosystem, you can buy and play with real horses and sell it as NFTs.

  • Rainmaker - Rainmaker is aimed at stock market enthusiasts. You can play this skill-based fantasy trading game, use investment strategies, and manage and improve money. The game links to live market events and data to simulate real-time market conditions.

  • Race-based on the ecosystem Solana. users can own property in the form of NFTs and earn rewards by participating in motor races.

Crypto games on iOS and Android

It may take time for a particular platform to release its version to play without problems because creating responsive blockchain games is a complex task, If you are looking for crypto games for Android, we recommend these games, these games are also available as crypto games for iOS:

  1. Axie Infinity.
  2. League of Kingdoms Loka.
  3. Splinterlands sps BNB Chain
  4. Step App fitfi: BNB Chain
  5. The Sandbox.


Play-to-Earn games are the current trend in the crypto space, and with the many different applications of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), users are given more control over their assets than ever before.

By creating an NFT in the game, players are allowed to earn tokens by playing games directly and selling them in certain markets. These are the best games and worth your time if you want something fun to play and pay more.