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Crypto Rover manipulates the cryptocurrency project and misleads its followers

Although we have touched several times in lengthy articles on the practices of some influential people in the cryptocurrency sector who use their platforms, which are followed by hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions, to scam, lie and promote fraudulent products. However, the absence of a deterrent law still fails to stop those who use fame to mislead their followers..

Mauter manipulates the team of a cryptocurrency project, despite prepayment for advertising fees

In this article we will tell you how he was misled. Crypto Rover Its followers and how the cryptocurrency project has stalled since May 2023. That's all. Details as stated The famous detective from the series ZachXBT:

In May 2023, Rover was linked to a project to promote it. During negotiations, Rover said he could “easily raise the cost of projects from $1.5 million to $10 million.” They also agreed to pay $10,000 and 1% of the bid amount in exchange for moving forward with the project.

But after sending the required contributions to the relevant project team rover accountThings are starting to become a problem. Although Rover agreed several times that he would start promoting the project through posts. But he never did. The team's delay was accepted. To verify that this address actually belonged to Rover, ZachXBT conducted testing and found that it was associated with the incident by matching the amounts.

Rover eventually stopped responding to or interacting with comments from the team he had agreed to promote with. They even got upset because he didn't live up to his part of the agreement and asked for his money back.

A month later, he responded that he had not committed fraud and that the team could not return the money, but would post in better market conditions and sue if they defamed their transaction. Although the market has now recovered and conditions have improved, ZachXBT claims that Rover has not revealed anything about the project.

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Crypto Rover misleads its followers regarding its trading positions

As for his public cryptocurrency wallet (which bears his name), Crypto Rover sold one of the cryptocurrencies he bought (or received) shortly after receiving it. Although he posted a message on Twitter and Telegram to his followers, claiming that he will hold these coins during the upcoming bull period. He bets that he can “easily make a million dollars with this investment account.”

ZachXBT revealed ten (10) new addresses associated with the October 2023 publication of Rover, and marketing payments enabled the purchase of approximately 9% of STONED tokens on May 15, 2023.

From May 16 to May 17, 2023, he posted more than a dozen posts about the project on his X account and Telegram channel. But the project team pulled the rug, and they have not appeared since May 18, 2023.

The 10 new addresses associated with it generated a profit of around 40 ETH from STONED when sold shortly after publication. Finally, ten addresses sent the majority of ETH profits to Same deposit address on Bybit To which Rover transferred money several times.

Finally, ZachXBT expressed his opinion on how Crypto Rover handled the cryptocurrency project and how he uses his subscribers to siphon off coins before emptying their wallets. ZachXBT says he finds "this behavior disturbing" and believes the influencer "can't pretend he doesn't know what he's doing."

In addition, the phrase “it’s easy to pump projects from $1.5 million to $10 million” itself indicates a lot of misinformation. ZachXBT concluded its investigation by saying:

“They are not the only influencers who do this, and we as a community need to stop allowing them to do this over and over again to their followers.”

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