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FixFloat exchange hacked for $26 million due to “minor problems”!

On Friday, February 16, the cryptocurrency trading platform FixFloat was hacked and lost more than $26 million. But this only became known two days later in a post on X, without an official announcement of the incident by the platform team.

Hacking the Fixed Float Exchange costs 1,728 Ether (ETH) and 409 Bitcoin (BTC)

On Friday, cryptocurrency trading platform FixFloat was the victim of a hack worth more than $26 million. But the platform teams were slow to identify the vulnerability that caused the crisis.

According to account X, which specializes in cybersecurity alerts, BackShield BakeShieldAlertAbout 1,728 units of Ether and 409 units of Bitcoin were withdrawn from the FixFloat exchange. At current prices, the stolen items are worth $26 million.

Apart from the large amount of money stolen, what is unusual about this hack is the strange message from FixFloat. In fact, four days after the incident, the platform has yet to release any official statement. However, she responded to the netizen on X, acknowledging the incident.

“We confirm that hacking and theft of funds did indeed take place. We are not yet ready to give public comments on this matter.. Because we are working to eliminate all potential vulnerabilities, improve security, and conduct investigations. Our service will be available again soon."

The stock exchange also asked the press to contact it by email if they want to know what's going on. At the time of writing this article, FixFloat has not yet responded to BeInCrypto Arabia's email.

To what extent the hack affected users...there is no exact information.

After the news rocked the market and users argued with the platform over the incident, she said. Stock exchange with fixed floating fund In response to a Twitter user, he said that this hack did not affect user funds.

Finally, it is worth noting that the stolen codes have already been transferred by hackers several times. However, these transactions can be tracked prospectively. Looking forward to more details and information from the FixFloat exchange team.

Although hacking can happen to anyone. However, Fixed Float should not have attempted to cover up the security incident, but simply cited ongoing technical work before the facts became clear.

Following an incident where a user complained about an incomplete withdrawal request, FixFloat's Twitter account informed him that the platform had only encountered... "Some minor technical problems". But now these customers have the right to worry about minor problems.

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