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Microsoft is preparing to accept payments in the digital currency Litecoin (LTC)

Very exciting news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts: Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay has announced that Litecoin (LTC) holders can now make purchases from Microsoft using their crypto wallet, while the crypto payments company will transfer payments directly to traditional paper currencies for Microsoft.

Microsoft supports cryptocurrencies and accepts Litecoin (OOO) As a means of payment in their stores

The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by the world's largest companies is no longer a new thing, but rather a rapidly developing trend. After Ferrari adopted Dogecoin, it was Microsoft's turn to make a similar move.

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She stated Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay has announced that Microsoft users can now make purchases on the platform using their cryptocurrency wallets and pay via Litecoin (LTC). While the encrypted payments company will transfer payments directly into Microsoft's traditional fiat currencies.

Consequently, it seems that more and more companies are inclined to recognize the added value of cryptocurrencies and benefit from them. Although Litecoin has witnessed (OOO)In particular, increasing its usefulness and adoption. As evidenced by its acceptance by renowned auction house Mecum Auctions for payment processing.

The era of cryptocurrencies has arrived, and many partners and entrepreneurs around the world understand this very well. In addition to Litecoin, BitPay works with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Despite the good news... the price of LTC is neither meaningful nor news!

The Litecoin network continues to show signs of growth. In December, the LTC team reported that the network processed six million transactions in a month, indicating its power and efficiency.

Additionally, the number of active unique addresses reached 6.3 million and the total address balance reached a new record high of 9.28 million addresses, demonstrating Litecoin's growing appeal.

Although the Litecoin network received a morale boost from the partnership with BitPay and Microsoft, the price did not react to the good news and declined. LTC price Up 1.3% in the last 24 hours to reach $68.23 (at time of writing: Thursday 5:50 Dubai time).

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Finally, the growing integration of Litecoin (LTC) and other cryptocurrencies into “traditional” services indicates their growing importance in the market.

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