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MicroStrategy acquires 3,000 new Bitcoins

MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor, continues to expand its dominance in the Bitcoin world by acquiring an additional 3,000 BTC units. As a result, the company's shares now exceed $10 billion in Bitcoin, confirming its leading position in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

MicroStrategy now owns 193,000 Bitcoins, or $10 billion in Bitcoin

For the second time in February, MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor's company, invested in Bitcoin. through Tweet about For the CEO and co-founder, we learned of the acquisition of 3,000 new Bitcoins (BTC) at the average price of $51,813.

This is a new investment for the company specializing in software publishing. Which is also the company with the largest number of Bitcoin Worldwide, he crossed the symbolic threshold of $10 billion in BTC in his possession.

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Currently, approximately 193,000 Bitcoins held by MicroStrategy have been acquired for a total of $6.087 billion. In other words, Michael Saylor's company currently has more than $4 billion in unrealized gains on its investments in the king of cryptocurrencies.

However, as Michael Saylor has always said, MicroStrategy makes these investments with the aim of holding Bitcoin for the (very) long term. The company is unlikely to sell its Bitcoin anytime soon. Especially in light of the rise that is becoming more and more apparent.

As always, it is interesting to note the correlation between the Bitcoin price movement and the MicroStrategy stock price. Which trades under the symbol MSTR on Nasdaq. This stock is currently trading at over $780, representing a 200% increase in the last 12 months.

Michael Saylor has previously stated that he sees Bitcoin as a wiser way to save rather than “an ever-depreciating fiat currency,” thanks to its liquidity.