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RAK DAO Forms New Partnership to Advance Innovation on the Internet 3

Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO) announced a strategic partnership with Blocklogica Labs aimed at promoting innovation and empowerment of leading institutions in the blockchain space.

RAK DAO has entered into a new strategic partnership to drive innovation in Web3

Ras Al Khaimah - an oasis of digital assets (CANCER DAO) is the world's first and largest free zone exclusively for digital and virtual asset companies. Meanwhile, it is strategically located due to its proximity to Dubai, which has established itself as a global cryptocurrency hub.

“RAK DAO features simplified licensing procedures, favorable compliance policies, simplified registration procedures and access to bank accounts, making RAK DAO an ideal environment for technology organizations to thrive.”

On the other hand, Blocklogica Labs, founded in 2022, is known as the most famous Web 3 strategy center. Its main focus is on attracting innovative startups and forward-thinking investors to higher success rates. Rejecting a standardized approach, Block Logica offers customized and customized solutions that are fully aligned with RAK ​​DAO's commitment to the digital asset space.

Regarding this partnership, which supports innovation in Ras Al Khaimah, Dr. Samir Al Ansari, CEO of RAK Digital Asset Oasis said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Blocklogica Labs to the RAK DAO ecosystem. This partnership expresses our commitment to driving innovation and providing unparalleled support to leading blockchain organizations. Together, we will advance our mission to shape a new era of digital transformation and empowerment in the blockchain space. web -landscape". 3".

Also for her part, Asal Alizadeh, co-founder of Block Logica Labs, said:

“Given the huge potential of the Web3 industry in the UAE, we are pleased to support CANCER DAO And creating a favorable and organized environment for the proper growth of innovative projects in the field of Web 3 and Blockchain. It's impressive to see how CANCER DAO This is very supportive of innovation and contributes to changing the digital assets that govern the space and creating a healthy ecosystem where all ideas and projects have the opportunity to ideally grow and manifest, and we are happy to be part of building this ecosystem.”

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So, RAK DAO and Block Logica Labs are working together to strengthen their joint efforts to shape a new, open and decentralized digital era. Expanding opportunities for companies and startups in the ever-evolving blockchain space and supporting innovation. This partnership also paves the way for revolutionary developments in the Web 3 space.

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