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The price of WLD has doubled in a week. Have you missed your buying opportunities?

The price of Worldcoin (WLD) has risen significantly over the past week, rising over 154.2%, bringing its price to $6.72. Here are the reasons behind Sam Altman's sudden rise in cryptocurrency and what to expect in the coming hours.

The controversial Queen of the World project...thorny questions of identity

Approximately 7 months have passed since the introduction of WorldCoin (Mircoin), To the market. Oddly enough, this currency is the result of a strange combination of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and biometric recognition.

The WorldCoin project is simple. But it's suspicious. The identification process involves scanning the user's iris, authenticating their biometric data and receiving rewards in the form of WLD codes.

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This project from the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind the AI ​​conversational app ChatGPT, aims to “build the world's largest identity and finance network by giving everyone the opportunity to own it.”

So far, Sam Altman's project has encountered many obstacles, including regulatory ones. It was subsequently banned in Kenya, France, India and Brazil. At the time of writing, an estimated 3.4 million people have already scanned their irises through the WorldCoin system, according to the project's official website. This corresponds to 76.4 million WLD tokens transferred.

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WLD token price increased by 154% in one week

The price has increased in a week WLD code Approximately from 2.5 to 7.5 dollars. An increase of more than 180%, while a new all-time high (ATH) emerged at $7.63. The price then fell slightly over the last 48 hours, settling at $6.72 at the time of writing (Tuesday 8:53 am). , Dubai time).

The explosive growth of WLD tokens is largely due to the recent launch of Sora, an artificial intelligence (AI) model that allows users to turn a simple text message into high-quality videos. A true revolution that also confirms OpenAI's dominance in the growing artificial intelligence sector, if that is still needed.

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Although WorldCoin and Sora are two completely different projects, it was enough for investors to know what they have in common: Sam Altman. The prices of the vast majority of AI-related altcoins have also risen in recent days.

As always, the question remains whether this increase will end in mere gains for investors or whether WorldCoin will now sustainably break through new resistance.

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