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The Shiba Inu team is preparing for a massive digital currency burning campaign... targeting 4 major assets

Lucy, Chief Marketing Officer of the Shiba Inu Project, has revealed a new plan to burn digital currencies to increase the value of the currency ecosystem. This innovative scheme will involve the use of proceeds from the issuance of Symbols of Sheboshi Non-Fungible Fungible (NFT) will burn four major Shiba Inu currencies. In addition to two other currencies that are planned to be released in the near future.

Comprehensive Shiba Inu Coin Burning Strategy

V Published On X (formerly Twitter), Lucy revealed the detailed plan. Shiba Inu's intention is to dedicate a significant portion of the proceeds from his new NFT project, Shibushi, to a massive coin burn.

Sheboshes are a unique set of NFT tokens that combine characteristics of the successful ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols on the Ethereum network. These tokens are a counterpart to the original Shibushi NFT collection, which included 10,000 exclusive Shiba Inu NFT tokens released on October 14, 2021.

According to Lucy, the main goal is to increase community engagement and strengthen it through the redemption of Shibushi NFT tokens. While she stated that financial gain is not the goal, she also acknowledged the possibility of selling these tokens.

Lucy announced plans to use 10% of NFT funds to burn tokens. Specifically, the Shiba Inu will use 6% of its income to burn its original currency. Shib.

In addition, 1% of the funds will be used to burn Shibaswap tokens (BONE), and then another 1% will be used to burn Doge Killer tokens (LEASH). An additional 1% of each will be allocated to burning the next two Shiba Inu coins, TREAT and SHI.

Redistribution among the population

In an effort to empower the NFT community and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Lucy announced plans to distribute 40% of the proceeds from the issuance of Shiboshi NFT tokens to the public.

Lucy revealed a strategic initiative by devoting 10% of NFT token proceeds to supporting non-profit charities and initiatives.

The distribution plan involves the division of funds between four organizations. 2% will be allocated to the Women in Blockchain initiative, 2% to the Manny Pacquiao Foundation and 3% to initiatives in Japan. 3% of funds will be determined by Shibdentity Enabled DAO.

In addition, Lucy said that 15% of the proceeds will be invested in the fund. Details will be revealed at Dow's delivery-supported launch. Lucy also confirmed that the team Shib He will also receive 15% of the proceeds from the NFT release.

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