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A famous investor advises Bitcoin traders: "Act like you're dead!"

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of Skybridge Capital, advised investors in... Bitcoin currency By holding on to their digital assets and not liquidating them despite strong price fluctuations. Scaramucci stressed: “Total abstention from any interference is the best option.”

This happened Intervention To Scaramucci during a virtual conference organized by investors specializing in... The field of digital currencies. The veteran Wall Street investor spoke about Bitcoin's price fluctuation. Pointing out that his fund's clients are comfortable with the idea of ​​including Bitcoin in their investment portfolios, but they are also afraid of sharp price fluctuations.

“Pretend you’re dead,” Anthony Scaramucci told investors.

An ironic reference to the fact that investors who die – that is, who completely refrain from interfering with their investments – often achieve higher returns than those who react to intraday market movements.

Investing in Bitcoin for the long term

“Don’t worry about it,” Scaramucci continued. “The dead at Charles Schwab are doing much better than the living.”

This indicates that large fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin may cause traders to sell their digital currencies in a hurry. Which can cause them losses. While a long-term investment can be more profitable.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Scaramucci reiterated his belief that the current high demand for Bitcoin ETFs will have a positive impact on the price. Especially with a date approaching Bitcoin halved.

Scaramucci, who predicted an increase in the flow of money from large institutional investors to Bitcoin funds, believes that the price of this currency will see a sharp rise.

He also previously confirmed that investors are still in the early stages of purchasing digital currencies. Emphasizing that he sees Bitcoin as something similar to a new Berkshire Hathaway company.

Scaramucci's warning comes against the backdrop of sharp fluctuations in the digital currency market in general and Bitcoin in particular over the recent period due to several factors, including fears of economic recession and tightening monetary policies in states. -United.

However, many analysts believe that Bitcoin has promising future prospects, considering that the current fluctuations are only corrections in an upward trajectory for the largest currency in terms of market value.

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