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Andrew Tate claims to have made $85 million on the cryptocurrency market and criticizes the same coins

Andrew Tate, the famous and controversial Internet personality, caused a sensation in... The world of digital currencies. After calling crypto enthusiasts “corrupt losers” and sparking rumors about the possibility of launching its own digital currency. He then claimed to have amassed enormous wealth during the latest cryptocurrency market rally.

Despite his previous harsh statements, Tate highlighted the existence of many valuable digital assets. He highlighted that he made US$85 million on the platforms Decentralized finance (DeFi) during the latest market bull run. He asked his followers a question about their knowledge of digital currencies that have performed well during this period.

Andrew Tate said in Tweeter On Twitter: "There are good satirical digital currencies, but every period other currencies based on blockchain technology gain popularity and offer real applications or innovations. During the previous boom period, the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) was dominant. I personally made profits worth $85 million through PancakeSwap. The question now is: “What are the most promising areas of the current boom?”

Andrew Tate's criticism of meme currencies

Earlier, Andrew Tate categorically denied rumors that he would launch his own digital currency. He criticized the sector, saying it added no value to society. He described participants in the memes as “corrupt losers” who have no skills.

In a podcast interview, Andrew Tate criticized the lack of societal value of many cryptocurrency projects.
He said: “The world of cryptocurrencies is the only scenario I can think of where you can make a lot of money without providing any benefit to society. »

In a previous article on the

Controversial rumors swirled in early February when Andrew Tate announced he would launch a US$100 million-backed cryptocurrency, insisting it would never be sold. He also promised members of his “private league” to benefit from early access and a discount on currencies. But he quickly deleted the post and later said it was just a "joke."

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