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Bursa Betjat Protection Fund Report, February 2024

Bitget, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has revealed its February 2024 sandbox valuation report. According to the report, the fund recorded its highest average monthly valuation, surpassing 461 million, and peaked at an all-time high of 543 million in February. 28. Which highlights Petjat's commitment to protecting its users.

Betjat Stock Exchange Protection Fund February 2024 Report Reveals Stock Exchange Transparency

In the cryptocurrency space, Betjat Protection Fund is known for its strong commitment to user protection. This is one of the industry's most significant self-insurance reserves, boosting user confidence by providing an extra layer of security. This fund is designed to secure digital assets against various risks. Including cyberattacks, fraudulent activities and significant market fluctuations.

The company protection fund works Petjat According to a self-sufficiency model, it offers flexible and rapid protection measures that are not limited by external influences. Its independence allows immediate allocation of resources to secure user assets in the event of security breaches, market disruptions or other related incidents.

This standalone strategy provides Bitgate customers with robust protection, without potential barriers to external rules, policies, or permissions that could slow response times in emergency scenarios. The Fund's self-sufficiency framework is also a key asset, providing a notable safety and security benefit to the exchange's user base.

To enhance its flexibility and liquidity in the face of external market pressures, the fund includes a variety of highly liquid digital currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether, USDT and USDC.

In February, supported by market trends and the rise in the value of Bitcoin, the Btjat Digital Asset Protection Fund saw steady growth. It peaked at a record valuation of over $543 million on February 28.

  • Assessment status of the Btjat Protection Fund in February 2024:

    • highest value: $543 million (February 28)

    • Lowest value: $413 million (February 4)

    • Average value: $461 million

Gracie Chen, Managing Director of Btjat Exchange, said:

"Betjat is committed to improving the user experience and protecting their interests with a comprehensive range of products and experiences. Our main goal is security, but what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to protecting our users. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our users by securing their digital assets and promoting their well-being in all market environments.

Thus, Petgat's commitment to transparency is not limited to the Digital Asset Protection Fund Assessment Report. Also, provided sotck exchange Constant data Proof of reserve verifiable, providing users with additional confidence in the security of their assets. The Exchange continues to give users unlimited access to comprehensive fund information, including publicly available wallet addresses.

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