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Meem currency increases by 300% in one month. Is there still a chance to buy?

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) surged over 300% last March, hitting a new all-time high on Wednesday. It now ranks among the top 15 memecoins by market capitalization.

With a market capitalization greater than $44 million, LADYS is ranked 293rd among cryptocurrencies.

Analysis indicates that the LADYS meme coin increased by another 86%

This surge caused the token to enter a price discovery phase. This means that past price movements no longer dictate future resistance.

However, analysts use Fibonacci retracement levels from previous all-time highs to lows to predict potential resistances. There is significant resistance at $0.0000006416, which is the key 1.272 Fibonacci level. Interestingly, LADYS will likely rise another 86% before encountering this resistance.

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Price Performance of Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)
Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) Price Performance. Source: Trading View

Additionally, there are frequent coin success stories. For example, a trader By converting A $4 investment in Solana-based meme coin BALLZ raised $63,400.

However, the meme coin market also has its critics. Concerns are growing over the legality of certain tokens, like BALLZ. Some users on the platform

These influencers accused of promoting questionable symbols are under surveillance. Cryptocurrency trader Vaso claims to manipulate the market by flooding unsuspecting buyers with tokens. Additionally, they would improve the appearance of the token's popularity through automated purchases.

“Those promoting this coin are all scammers. Stay safe and ban them immediately.”

Amidst these controversies, the coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), another major coin, is about 30% below its recent highs.

Despite the ups and downs, successes abound. According to on-chain analytics platform Spot On Chain, Reach A smart trader made a huge profit by strategically trading Shiba Inu tokens.

Initially, they invested 15.2 trillion Shiba Inu with 10 Ethereum (ETH). Later, they took advantage of price spikes to deposit large sums on the exchanges.

As of this writing, the trader still holds 2.6 trillion Shiba Inu with a profit of around 445%.

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