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New whale acquires $5 billion in Bitcoin. Who is he ?

The day before yesterday, a brand new Bitcoin wallet address caused a sensation in the world of cryptocurrencies, since the address acquired 75 thousand Bitcoins, the equivalent of 5 billion dollars... but who is this new whale that n 'do not hesitate !

A new Bitcoin stress, no confusion...a huge buy at first glance

Unlike humans who hesitate a thousand times before sending even 0.01 Bitcoin, the new Bitcoin whale did not back down or hesitate. He transferred $5 billion to Bitcoin without sending a prior test transaction from this address. It's the gesture that makes us all raise an eyebrow, or even two!

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The day before yesterday, March 6, she got up Cryptocurrency wallet It was recently created through the purchase of 75,000 bitcoins worth over $5 billion. Thus, the wallet became the seventh richest address in Bitcoin... it's a new huge whale!

On the exciting side, we see that the fee for this huge transaction was only $9.17... Yes! $9.17 was enough to move $5 billion into the world of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to these concrete examples, we can really understand the revolution driven by blockchain technology.

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After this huge transfer, speculation has abounded about the identity of the person(s) behind this unique deal: some say the owner of the new wallet is a Saudi prince, while others talk about Jeff Bezos. While some believe the whale could be Changping Zhao hiding in plain sight.

But what is more likely, for analysts and crypto enthusiasts, is that the Binance exchange is behind this giant deal. Considering that the initial Bitcoins came from the Binance wallet. Followers also point out that it is possible that Binance will adjust its reserves before the halving arrives, which would cut Bitcoin mining rewards in half.

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While there is no way to know for sure who owned the recent wallet that received $5 billion in Bitcoin from a Binance wallet, what we do know is that this wallet did not so far only made one transaction. This type of transaction also highlights the power of the whale and the unwavering interest in the possibilities offered by Bitcoin.

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