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Prominent Analyst Reveals Altcoin Season Will Start in 45 Days

As the horizon brightens with anticipation of another altcoin season, investors are looking for the next big cryptocurrency. With a variety of tokens gaining traction, the market is rife with opportunities for those interested in delving deeper into blockchain technology and its countless applications.

45 days until altcoin season

According to famous analyst Recht Fencer, altcoin season could be just around the corner. This optimistic outlook suggests that now is the time to choose the right small-cap cryptocurrencies, with the aim of achieving the elusive 100x returns that many dream of.

For this reason, it is essential to understand the typical uptrend sequence. Explain Ran Neuner, a South African entrepreneur, says altcoin season usually begins with a rise in the price of Bitcoin. Next comes Ethereum, then large-cap cryptocurrencies such as Solana and Avalanche.

“Bitcoin is attacking its all-time highs with tremendous momentum. Now the reality is that once all-time highs are surpassed (again), which could happen as early as today, it's like the gun goes off for the altcoins, and the race is on.”

Neuner noted that as Bitcoin surpasses its previous all-time highs, altcoins could also reach new highs in around 70 days. It is worth noting that 22 days after Bitcoin peaks, altcoins often go through a correction period.

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Bitcoin market vs altcoin market
Bitcoin market versus altcoin market. Source: Trading View

The cryptocurrency market has currently been in this correction phase for 14 days and the market is starting to recover. This trend suggests that if the cycle continues as it has historically, the altcoin season could begin in around 45 days.

"To know how far (altcoins) need to go from here to hitting all-time highs, that means altcoins need to rise by 50%. Do you understand how aggressive a 50% move will be in the next 45 days ?Something makes faces melt, confirmed Neuner.

At the same time, Reckitt Fencer pointed out that small cap and meme coins could benefit the most, albeit with higher risks. He said gains of 2x to 10x are common, especially early in the altcoin season.

Altcoins to watch

Additionally, skipping the altcoin season, investors are advised to build a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, stick to their investment stories, and be patient.

Rekt Fencer has shared a list of six little-known altcoins that could have great potential. Topping this list is Polyhedra Network (ZK), a project focused on Web 3 interoperability, scalability, and privacy. This is done through zero-knowledge proof technology. With a market capitalization of $286.3 million and a current price of $3.14, Polyhedra offers an attractive entry point.

The strange meme coin Wolf Wif Ballz (BALLZ) should not be overlooked. It continues its magic in the Solana ecosystem. With its combination of humor and investment potential, BALLZ, which is priced at $0.05 and has a market cap of $50.2 million. It embodies the unpredictable nature of meme coins.

Portal (PORTAL) is emerging in the GameFi space, offering a cross-chain gaming ecosystem that connects disparate blockchain networks. Combined with betting bonuses, PORTAL, with a market cap of $2.07 and $306.6 million, forges a new narrative for players.

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Entry price performance
Entry price performance. Source: Trading View

Meanwhile, the Boson Protocol (BOSON) allows physical assets to be tokenized, transferred and exchanged as NFTs. BOSON, priced at $0.68 with a market cap of $83.1 million, also aims to revolutionize the concept of value and ownership in the digital age.

Finally, the cryptocurrency AI market is led by leaders such as VoluMint (VMINT) and Monai (MONAI). These projects leverage artificial intelligence to improve business activity and integrate LLMs with blockchain protocols, respectively.

In preparation for the upcoming altcoin season, investors should conduct thorough research, consider diversifying their portfolios, and remain aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. With the right strategy and a little patience, the next few months could be transformative for the savvy cryptocurrency investor.

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