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Will Brave accept ADA on its digital wallet?

Many brave internet users are calling for Cardano (ADA) to be listed on the search engine's digital wallet. If this happens, ADA will gain visibility and perhaps even more users.

Cardano (ADA) could soon be integrated into the Brave search engine

Cardano's blockchain could soon be integrated into Brave's digital wallet. If this happens, it will allow the ADA coin to gain more adoption and perhaps also more users.

However, the founder of the Cardano network maintains, Charles HoskinsonThis merger. So much so that he called on his platform X community to contribute by voting on a proposal launched by the Brave community.

The Cardano community has taken a major step to join the Brave browser. Such a merger is seen as a unique opportunity to increase visibility and gain more users.

The first step towards achieving this goal was taken thanks to the voting campaign launched on the Brave Community platform. Although this campaign launched in January 2023, it is only now starting to catch the attention of many people!

To support the initiative, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared a post on X, urging his nearly 970,000 followers to help him “bring Cardano into your browser.”

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At the time of writing, 286 votes have been cast. While it's not yet clear how many votes will get Brave's attention, ADA users will certainly be excited. The comments on the election campaign show this.

Notably, the Brave wallet today supports the Ethereum blockchain, EVM and Solana compatible chains. Some users believe that Brave's integration of Cardano (ADA) will not take place due to the support already provided to its competitor Solana.

With over $22 billion in market capitalization, Cardano (ADA) ranks as the eighth most valuable blockchain by market capitalization. Increased ADA Token Pricecurrently valued at $0.673 per unit, increased 31.4% in February.

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