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15 Rules That Helped a Crypto Trader Make $3 Million!

A cryptocurrency trader with the pseudonym Cyclop has recently attracted attention. This obscure trader claims to have succeeded in transforming a modest sum into a fortune. He increased his investments from $8,000 to $3 million. He says that the fifteen golden rules he constantly adheres to are the secret to his success.

How Cryptocurrency Trader Cyclop Created $3 Million in Wealth

Bitcoin completed its halving on Friday. Historically, halving events have resulted in a massive bull market. Therefore, Cyclop says that understanding and applying these rules could mean the difference between making big gains and facing missed opportunities.

“If we look at the rise in 2016 and 2020, the main growth occurred in the season after the halving. Now is the last chance to enter the market.” books Cyclops.

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Here are 15 golden rules:

  1. Profit reformCyclop emphasizes the importance of making profits at the right time. Traders are advised to lock a portion of their gains in stable or fiat currencies, truly protecting their profits.

  2. Stay focused: It is suggested to focus on a few projects. In fact, spreading yourself too thin over too many projects can dilute efforts and reduce returns.

  3. Follow the novels: Cyclop also points out that success often follows market narratives. Engaging early on on popular topics like artificial intelligence (AI) or real-world assets (RWA) rather than obscure topics leads to better results.

  4. Doubt is the key: In an environment filled with personal diaries, cryptocurrency traders are encouraged to independently verify every piece of information.

  5. Reduce tools: Cyclop uses no more than five basic tools. For example Etherscan and DeFiLama. This approach helps keep trading efficient and simple.

  6. Expand sources of information: Recommend expanding beyond Twitter to platforms like Discord and YouTube. This diversification can significantly broaden business prospects.

  7. Understand the basics: Basic knowledge is crucial. Getting started in cryptocurrency trading without a solid foundation is risky and unwise.

  8. Prudent risk management: Recognizing and managing risks is essential, especially during bull markets. The right strategies can pave the way to lasting success.

  9. Manage your exchangesSetting stop losses and cutting losses early on is essential to prevent minor setbacks from turning into major downfalls.

  10. Record keepingCyclop keeps a daily log of his crypto activities, while this habit helps him track his progress and improve his strategies.

  11. Ignoring the excessive complexity of emerging marketsNote that growth is driven more by noise than logic when ascending. Understanding this can avoid bad decisions.

  12. Stablecoin security question: Warns that stablecoins are not always as safe as they seem, referencing the collapse of TerraUSD (UST).

  13. Portfolio Management: Concentrating investments in a few areas can quickly grow a small portfolio. On the other hand, diversification is better for maintaining larger portfolios.

  14. View Wins and Losses Relatively: It considers profits and losses as a percentage of its total portfolio. This approach also really helps maintain emotional control and clarity of decision-making.

  15. Perseverance pays: Finally, Cyclop emphasizes the importance of perseverance. While the current market offers plenty of opportunities to those who are willing to work hard.

A special vision for greater profits

By adhering to these rules, Cyclop navigates the volatile crypto market. As markets head into the post-halving season, his perspective is particularly relevant, providing traders with a systematic framework for taking advantage of upcoming opportunities.

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