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A new scam and a rug pulled from Zakasino... $32 million at stake

ZKasino, a decentralized gaming network, has faced notable hurdles due to concerns within the cryptocurrency community over a new scam and potential sweepstakes scenario.

Over the past day, several popular posts on X (formerly Twitter) have highlighted a series of challenges facing the network.

ZKasino accused of fraud and withdrawal of Ethereum worth $32 million

The platform's problems began last month after decentralized P2P orderbook exchange ZigZag Exchange made several accusations against ZKasino. These fraud accusations include network developers diverting funds allocated for project development to personal use.

According to ZigZag, ZKasino lied about its funding and failed to pay many developers and contractors working on the platform.

“The seed money to build ZKasino was stolen from ZigZag's treasury. ZigZag founders represent 3/5 of ZigZag multisig signatories. They were therefore able to use this money to finance their own activities. The $40 million ecosystem fund they announced is. not real and will probably never be paid Never in real currency.

While most of these allegations have not been disclosed. However, many members of the crypto community have voiced their complaints regarding... Deletion The alleged platform for his previous commitment to return Ethereum crypt.

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ZKasino Rugpull
ZKasino guarantees removed Source: Return machine

His initial promise led to huge fundraising success. as lighten up On-chain data indicates that the deposit address used in the campaign raised over 10,500 ETH, a total of approximately $32 million. However, ZKasino responded to these raging fears, describing them as Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

The team added: “The ZKasino network will continue to operate; It was postponed due to list exchanges.

Meanwhile, the drama surrounding the project has already led the MEXC exchange to delist its token. as And I cherished Its decision refers to its efforts to “protect the rights and interests” of its users. Likewise, She says Ape Terminal is monitoring the situation. However, he clarified that token sales associated with the project will be canceled if the situation deteriorates.

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