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Pages President Expects Bitcoin Price to Drop After Halving

The CEO of the platform has warned of a possible sell-off and drop in the price of Bitcoin as the halving event (Bitcoin mining reward halving) approaches. Referring to the “buy on the rumor and sell on the news” strategy. He noted the similarity between current market performance and previous cycles for Bitcoin, confirming his personal expectations of positive performance in the six months following the halving event.

Sell ​​Warnings As Halving Approaches

In interview With Bloomberg, Chris Marszalek, CEO of, discussed the potential impact of the halving event and ETFs on the price of Bitcoin.

“I think we are currently seeing a general consolidation phase similar to previous cycles,” Marszalek said. “I expect good moves in the six months after the Bitcoin halving.”

In his analysis of what is expected after the halving against the backdrop of increased demand for Bitcoin via spot investment funds. He confirmed the improvement in the general situation of currency trading due to the halving of the amount of Bitcoin entering the market through mining operations.

However, he warned that this change would not have a short-term impact but would become fundamental over a period of six months.

. The CEO of emphasized: “We must always remember the strategy of 'buy the rumor and sell the information,' and we might see... Sales wave As the mid-term date approaches.

Spot Mutual Funds: A Game Changer in the Digital Currency Market

In his commentary on the extent of the impact of Bitcoin spot investment funds on the structure of the cryptocurrency market.

Marszalek highlighted their positive impact: “These are financial flows that did not exist before. The proportion of prices driven by retail activities and small investors - versus institutional investors - could therefore change during this cycle. »

He continued: “What we need to watch are decisions related to spot investment funds for Bitcoin and perhaps other digital currencies, including full funds for a number of cryptocurrencies to the future, as this could strengthen the movement of financial flows. »

It is worth noting that Hong Kong was awarded Approvals Conditional on the launch this week of spot investment funds for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Will the price of Bitcoin continue to rise?

In response to a question about his expectations for the continued rise in the price of Bitcoin and the potential factors supporting this rise. Marszalek responded: “We are in a consolidation phase again. We have witnessed the same scenario in previous sessions.

Bitcoin is a long-term investment asset, best measured in years or even decades. I would highly recommend any investor with this time horizon to add Bitcoin to their investment portfolio.

He concluded: “Personally, I expect a strong performance over the next six months. »

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