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Despite the current trend… Will Bitcoin reach $150,000 thanks to the halving?

In an interview with a media platform, investor and CEO of MorgenGrick, Mark Yusko, revealed his very positive expectations for the rise in the price of Bitcoin in 2024.. He said that the lady of cryptocurrencies is heading towards the $150,000 line after the halving.

Bitcoin is heading towards $150,000 thanks to halving!

The cryptocurrency market suffered a setback last night after... US College Data Reports, Although Bitcoin has seen a violent downtrend over the past 12 hours. However, hopes are still high that the halving event will push the price of the leading cryptocurrency to new all-time highs.

At the time of writing this report, it is negotiating Bitcoin currency About 66.4 thousand dollars. The Cryptocurrency Lady is down about 4.3% over the past 24 hours, but is up 133% from a year ago.

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According to For Mark Yusko, managing director of Morgan Creek Capital Management, an American investment management company, Bitcoin has become a “better form of gold”. He says investors should allocate at least 1-3% of their portfolio to BTC.

Mark Yusko, Managing Director of MorgenGrick, is optimistic about the future of Bitcoin in 2024. Especially in light of the halving and the fallout from the approval of spot BTC ETFs in the United States. The price of the first cryptocurrency is expected to reach $150,000 this year.

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Historically, Mark Yusko has been a proponent of Bitcoin, and he actually said in 2019 that one should “take every opportunity to buy BTC.” He also emphasized in 2022 that every investor should have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio.

Bitcoin will be halved in 17 days. The event, which is expected to take place every four years, aims to halve the issuance of cryptocurrency for each block mined. Historically, the halving has always had a positive impact on the price of BTC, almost in the long term.

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