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Finally, Worldcoin (WLD) offers the ability to remove iris scanning upon request.

Worldcoin (WLD) announced a new measure aimed at allaying the privacy concerns of its users and regulators around the world. WorldID holders can now request deletion of their collected iris scans.

Worldcoin (WLD): The project that has never ceased to arouse controversy and concern

While running Artificial intelligence (AI) growing space in our communities, Tools for Humanity, co-founded by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI behind the development of Worldcoin software, believes there is a reliable system to prove that digital identity is essential.

WorldCoin, a project that verifies user identities via iris scans, continues to face increased scrutiny from governments. To ease concerns about privacy issues, the company is announcing a new procedure. Now, Global ID cardholders can (Global ID) Request to remove iris scanning, also known as “iris code”. The Tools for Humanity press release stated:

"WorldID cardholders now have more control with the ability to deactivate their ID card. This includes permanently removing the iris token, which is a digital representation of the unique texture of the iris."

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In recent weeks, WorldCoin's initiative to create digital identifiers proving human identity has come under scrutiny by several governments and, in some cases, been halted altogether. In March, South Korea launched an investigation into the matter, while Spain and Portugal both asked the project to stop collecting biometric data.

As the number of people who have agreed to have their iris scanned to prove their “human identity” has reached 5 million people, the project also rewards participants who scan their iris with World Coin (WLD), the token of the 'ecosystem.

Iris scans can now be deleted upon request

Recently, Tools for Humanity launched a new initiative called “Personalized Processing” that gives new users more control over their data. With personal processing, new registrants store their personal data on their own device (usually a smartphone). Additionally, new users can no longer ask Worldcoin to encrypt and store their data.

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In addition to allowing Global ID holders to request the removal of their iris icon, the project also announced the implementation of a new control. WorldCoin will verify an individual's age to ensure that the Service is only available to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

It is important to note that when a Global ID holder requests the deletion of their iris token, Worldcoin indicates that it will do so, but only within 6 months of the request:

"The individual's global identifier will become invalid and a 6-month cooling-off period will begin so that individuals cannot immediately re-verify themselves. At the end of this period, the iris code will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored ."

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