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Fraudsters exploit Google ads to promote fake cryptocurrency trading platform

It's repeated exploit The Google Ads platform is used by fraudsters to promote fake digital currency websites, as these sites aim to hack users' digital wallets and steal their money.

A declaration a report Published by BleepingComputer, these scammers targeted the Whales Market platform, which specializes in trading digital currencies outside of official exchanges (OTC). They create a fake version of the platform's website and promote it through paid Google ads to rank high in search results.

By clicking on the ad, users are redirected to a fake website with the URL instead of the original website address (
They only changed the place of two letters in the name, so it would be very difficult to tell them apart if you didn't already know. This process is a type of fraud and deception.

Sources have confirmed that fraudsters have registered several domain names similar to the name of the Whales Market platform to target it, some of which have already been blocked.

Fake websites also imitate the interface design of the original website. This reassures users to link their digital wallets to this fake platform. Malware is then activated to steal the digital currencies contained in these wallets.

This incident is part of a recurring series of fraudsters exploiting Google platforms to promote fraudulent services.

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Earlier, a digital thief managed to fool the billionaire Marc Cuban To download a copy of the MetaMask application. They managed to steal around $900,000 in digital currency.

Tech giant Google is fighting against these fraudulent attempts. Earlier last April, it filed a lawsuit against two Chinese individuals for their involvement in exploiting the Google Play Store to mislead users through fraudulent apps that allowed them to invest in digital currencies.

Although these fake apps were not identified in the lawsuit, Google said it had stopped operating 87 such apps over the past four years. Afterwards, these applications have achieved more than 100,000 downloads worldwide.

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