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Lyvely prepares to launch its LVLY token after a $6 million presale

With $6 million worth of LVLY token already sold in a private presale round, Lyvely, the social finance platform, is preparing to launch its token to the public in July. This launch paves the way for the platform to dominate the creator economy, making it a leading platform to support and empower content creators.

Lyvely prepares to launch its LVLY token after a $6 million IPO

Lyvely is a creator monetization platform building the future of online monetization for creators, freelancers, businesses, and digital entrepreneurs. Lyvely is designed as a social media platform and digital home that empowers people to think more entrepreneurially and monetize content, skills and passion.

Creators can offer monthly subscriptions, build communities, live stream and sell, offer gigs and services, accept tips, earn money from their own content or as affiliates, and much more . The company's head office is also located in the United Arab Emirates. Where a group took over Phoenixa technology company listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX) worth billions of dollars, recently acquired 25% of the company.

She announced AliveLVLY, a leading social finance platform, announced the launch of its digital currency (LVLY token) in mid-July this year. With over $6 million worth of LVLY tokens already pre-sold in a strategic pre-launch sale, the upcoming public offering is part of the company's broader vision to redefine monetization opportunities for digital creators and the television viewers.

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Speaking about the company's vision for the $LVLY token, he said Dave Catodalco-founder and COO of Lyvely:

“The introduction of the $LVLY token demonstrates Lyvely’s commitment to enabling creators to earn on their own terms and achieve greater digital freedom. Our token significantly improves the user experience and provides a more personalized, thoughtful and mutual ecosystem between creators and viewers. With Lyvely, people can “so everyone can enjoy the benefits of social finance in the Web 3 economy, creating a new era of monetization and meaningful engagement.” »

LVLY: An Exclusive Portal for Content Creators to Monetize and Thrive

The LVLY token comes with a range of facilities within the platform. Including purchases, tips and cash back. Also access exclusive communities, events, and content from your favorite creators. Token holders can also unlock special discounts, additional features, and earn financial rewards as the Lyvely ecosystem grows. Which makes them players in this growing social platform.

As Dave Catudal added about the platform's pioneering mission:

“The potential of social media is limitless, but the opportunities for creators to exploit its hidden potential are limited. At Lyvely, our mission is to support the creator ecosystem by providing value-driven currency to build loyal communities and monetize. first day. Our goal is to “make $LVLY a social commerce currency while significantly simplifying various aspects of content sharing and user engagement for content creators and users around the world.”

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As a successful digital home and launchpad for content creators, Lyvely aims to address the fragmented nature of social media and online monetization, providing a comprehensive set of tools for content creation and marketing. Improved revenue and engagement. The LVLY token strengthens this ecosystem. This allows content creators to open up new revenue streams and provide viewers with a more engaging and rewarding content consumption experience.

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