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Matera opens DeFi horizons to innovators: $3.6 million funding round

Matera, a Web 3 startup and subsidiary of Landvolt, announced that it has raised $3.6 million in a token strategic funding round. This funding will be allocated to enable the Matera platform to provide innovative technology solutions to future technology pioneers.

Matera raises $3.6 million to transform the world of decentralized finance and support creators

Announced by the Web 3 Foundation, Matera (Matera), raised $3.6 million in a symbolic strategic funding round, intended for future users of its technology. Investors include crypto companies behind the biggest projects in the Web3 industry, such as Sidedoor Ventures, The Sandbox and Saxon Partners. In addition to a group of influential industry figures.

Matera is different from many projects Social finance (SocialFi) is not only a new platform, but an additional layer to already existing social networks. Thanks to this platform, creators can calculate their “credit score”. Which is determined based on their interaction on the platforms they already use. They can then exchange this score for cash and rewards in the Matera system. Which opens the door for other DeFi projects to connect to it.

Thus, Matera aims to solve a major problem that the creative class suffers from, namely the lack of liquidity to take advantage of their talent. It also provides an innovative solution to this problem thanks to its unique system. Its benefits are not limited to providing liquidity to creators, but it also offers many other benefits, such as facilitating collaboration between creators, paving the way for new DeFi projects, and offering new ways to interact with the public.

In this regard, Sam Hopper, CEO of Matera, revealed what sets his platform apart from other social finance platforms:

“No social finance network in Web3 has achieved significant adoption due to a failure to appreciate network effects on Web2 platforms. Even if they achieve better economic results, the migration costs are too high for creators to start building an audience from scratch on a new platform. “Matera as a bridge allows users to take advantage of the scale of Web 2 and the economics of Web 3, solving this dilemma.”

Matera unveiled its flagship platform in... Token Event 2049 Which was held in Dubai last week. It also revealed that it currently supports the X platform and will integrate other social platforms in the near future.

This means that users who create content on the X platform can now opt-in to the Matera ecosystem. This is to attract punters to support them, raise capital for their projects and profit from their fans.

From virtual world technology to rethinking the creator economy

Matera has evolved since its unveiling about a year ago. Now, it aims to build a comprehensive infrastructure to support 100 million on-chain creators, including a DeFi platform, protocol, and layer 2 private blockchain.

Originally launched as a Landvault product, Matera started as a technology product For virtual worlds Brands and governments in the Middle East are using it to distribute and monetize their 3D experiences. The product then evolved into a larger play in the creator economy.

In 2024, Matera was spun off from Landvolt as a separate company, forming a dedicated full-time team. While Landvolt remains a strategic partner, integrating the technology into 3D government platforms in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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