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New meme currency, MANEKI, has grown over 30,000% since its launch

reached Cryptocurrency ManekI), built on the Solana platform. A huge increase of over 30,000 percent since launch increase Its value is between 45 and 50 percent over the last 24 hours.

This meteoric rise has piqued the interest of cryptocurrency investors and led to the currency being listed on major trading platforms such as, MEXC Global and Poloniex.

The rapid rise of the play “Maniki” created a sensation on social media platforms. Many influencers in the cryptocurrency world have compared its journey to other digital currencies and memes.

What is striking about this increase is the presence of intense activity of large wallets (cryptocurrency whales), since the Lookonchain platform monitored the control of seven wallets, supposedly linked to a single person. 44.9% of the total supply of the “Maniki” coin just one minute after it went on sale.

These seven wallets (which probably belonged to one person) spent 3,388 Solana ($525,000 USD). To purchase 3.99 billion units of MANEKI piece » (44.9% of the total supply) within one minute of the coin entering circulation.

After that, the coin amount was distributed to around 100 new wallets without any sales. The current value of this quantity is approximately 88 million US dollars.

MANEKI coin supports Solana phone buyers

It is worth noting that the team behind “Maneki” had allocated 10% of the total supply of 8.88 billion units for free distribution to the public via airdrop.

However, some participants reported that they had not received the quotas they had been promised. The team also promised to resolve this issue, explaining that they will continue to process requests to ensure everyone receives their allocated quotas.

Among those profiting from the Maneki hype and the meme's meteoric rise are customers who have pre-orders. For the new Solana phone called Chapter 2 Solana.

They received their share of free distributions, in addition to another digital currency on the Solana platform Currency MEW. The total value of the two coins as of Thursday morning was about $459, which could help offset the $450 cost of the phone.

Of course, this happens if the prices of meme currencies remain at these levels or increase towards higher levels.

But we all know the pyramid path that leads to the rise of these useless meme currencies. A sharp rise, then a sharp spike, then a complete collapse, and the result is a loss for most participants who enter late in the game/game. To pay out their money to project leaders and early buyers, like our friend who has 7 wallets.

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