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SEC attacks decentralized exchange Uniswap

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap found itself in the dock after the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to take it to court. It appears that the regulator has chosen Uniswap as a new target in its fight to establish itself as a regulator of the cryptocurrency market.

A new case and Uniswap enters American justice

The Securities and Exchange Commission has sent a Wells Notice to decentralized platform Uniswap, warning of possible legal action over alleged violations of securities regulations.

A declaration Hayden Adams, CEO of Uniswap, said on X that his platform received a Wells notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission. This notice generally precedes legal proceedings. The Central Stock Exchange will therefore be subject to prosecution for its unregulated activity as a broker and facilitator of stock market transactions.

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A Wells Notice is an initial document that notifies entities of the SEC's intent to pursue them. This gives Uniswap the opportunity to respond before enforcement action is taken. This step is the first of its kind against a decentralized exchange (DEX). Which indicates how US regulators perceive and respond to decentralized financial technologies.

Hayden Adams quickly responded, saying that while he wasn't surprised by the notice. However, he was disappointed and ready to vigorously defend his platform. Uni Token, Uniswap's native cryptocurrency, immediately felt the impact of this announcement. It fell 22% to currently reach $9.13 (it was $11.74 before the announcement).

Cryptocurrency industry reacts to SEC attack

The announcement of Uniswap in Wales sparked a wide range of reactions within the cryptocurrency industry. From legal experts to everyday users of the platform, many have expressed concerns about the SEC's motivations and the potential implications for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Hayden Adams and Marvin Amory, general counsel for the targeted exchange, expressed their frustration and determination to challenge the SEC's allegations. They stressed that Uniswap was prepared to embark on a long and complex legal battle.

It appears that the leaders of the Uniswap exchange have also outlined their defensive strategy, intending to use the argument that Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that does not operate according to traditional stock exchange standards. They should therefore not be regulated as such because their activities do not fall within the regulatory frameworks stipulated by the laws in force.

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On the one hand, John Reed Stark, former head of Internet enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission, criticized Uniswap's response. Calling it counterproductive and indicative of a poorly designed defensive strategy that could actually make the platform worse off.

In contrast, figures such as Gabriel Shapiro and Paul Grewal have made more optimistic predictions. Which suggests that Uniswap's arguments regarding the non-classification of their platform on an exchange could have significant legal merit.

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