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Spot the Bitcoin ETF Slowdown...A Temporary Pause, Not a Negative Trend

I confirm Bernstein Brokerage Company Slowdown of flows Bitcoin-related exchange-traded funds (ETFs) represent a short-term break. Previously, funds integrated more with private banking platforms, wealth advisors and more brokerage platforms. She stressed that this decline does not constitute the start of a negative trend.

Bernstein analysts point out that the price of the world's first digital currency has stabilized within a limited range. There is no clear momentum in any direction after the bonus cut.

The analysis reveals that much of Wall Street investors' money flowing through various investment and wealth management firms has not yet entered the Bitcoin market.

Due to market mechanisms and regulations, which require a certain time of adaptation and integration to this new investment product.

“There is a natural waiting period for Bitcoin to become an accepted recommendation (by various financial services companies) for allocation as part of portfolios,” said analysts Gautam Chogani and Mahika Sapra. “For platforms to establish a compliance framework for the sale of cryptocurrency ETF products.”

The report adds that Bernstein's expectations that Bitcoin will reach a price of US$150,000 by 2025 remain stable. “Unprecedented demand flows for ETFs have reinforced our conviction. »

The report confirmed that the cycle Bitcoin mining It remains healthy after the halving and mining rewards, with major players continuing to strengthen their market share.

He added that Bitcoin network fees have returned to their normal levels at a healthy level, accounting for 10% of the network's miner revenue, after seeing an increase following the halving process.

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