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Telegram grew from a messaging app to a crypto empire

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, spoke at the Token2049 conference. He outlined the future of the project, which has evolved beyond its origins as a messaging app.

BeInCrypto attended the conference to hear his vision and share Durov's promises to transform Telegram into a crypto empire.

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Durov described Telegram as a platform focused on freedom of communication and expression, as well as openness to advertising, including crypto initiatives. He expressed hope that the participants would not be involved in fraudulent activities.

“Telegram is a platform for freedom of communication, freedom of speech and even the ability to freely announce crypto fraud initiatives. But I hope that is not the case.”

Looking ahead, Telegram plans to offer features that will enable the purchase of crypto and physical assets. The goal is to allow users to send tips and donations to content creators, and even create and sell NFTs.

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Developers will receive tools to create mini-apps and ways to monetize, transforming Telegram into a powerful ecosystem. For digital currencies. They will also receive 70% of profits from in-app sales. Meanwhile, artists will receive 95% of the profits from the sale of stickers and emojis.

Durov highlighted that Telegram's scalability and large user base make it an ideal platform for deploying crypto applications.

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During Token2049, the organizers officially announced the launch of the stablecoin USDT on the blockchain TONNE. This integration means that USDT will be tightly integrated into all services Telegramproviding millions of users with easy access to the world of digital currencies.

Additional details on the TON and USDT integration include a flat fee of up to $0.15 regardless of network congestion and trading volume, focus on retail users, ability to pay on-chain fees in USDT and the ability to manage over-chain transactions on a broad audience platform.

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