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$130M Profit Forecast for Worldcoin WLD Holders as Consolidation Continues

Worldcoin (WLD) prices are stabilizing in a sideways trading range, awaiting a possible upward surge.

This surge is expected to happen soon as investors become bullish, which could lead to big profits.

Potential Profits for Worldcoin Investors

Even if the WLD Price There were no significant gains, but holders of the coin could benefit. According to the Global In/Out of Money Index (GIOM), approximately 27.11 million WLD are on the verge of becoming profitable.

The offering, worth more than $130 million, was purchased between $4.38 and $4.95, given that WLD Price At $4.91 currently, profits aren't far away. Interestingly, it is Despite the benefits, the altcoin seeks to consolidate; However, this is not due to investor selling.

Geom Worldcoin.
Worldcoin GIOM. source: InThe block

This is evident from investor behavior, where the distribution of active addresses by profitability shows that less than 3% of participating investors are profitable.

In general , Price tends to fall when WLD holders dominate Addresses that transact on the network. Indeed, for-profit investors are active because they seek more profits.

Active Worldcoin addresses by profitability.
Addresses World Currency Active according to profitability. Source:In the block

However, as this is not the case for WLD partThe currency is expected to see a recovery in its price.

WLD Price Forecast: Strong Resistance Despite Optimism

Worldcoin is currently priced at $4.91 after recording 5% growth over the past 24 hours. The digital currency experienced a double-dip uptrend in April and has been consolidating since mid-May.

The limits of this consolidation are $5.64 and $4.38, where the Worldcoin WLD price is not even close to breaking above the upper limit. The minimum has been tested several times but remains robust. Therefore, the likely outcome for the altcoin is a sideways movement.

Worldcoin price analysis.
Worldcoin price analysis. Source: Commercial view

However, if Worldcoin price falls below the $4.38 support level, this neutral bullish thesis will be invalid. We can therefore reduce Worldcoin WLD price To test $4.00 as the next critical support.

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