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A proposed merger of the Cardano and Bitcoin Cash currencies…why?

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, proposed a merger with Bitcoin Cash.

The proposal, announced via an X (formerly Twitter) poll, solicits public opinion on the integration of Bitcoin Cash as a partner chain within the Cardano ecosystem.

Charles Hoskinson's bold proposal: merge Cardano with Bitcoin Cash

Hoskinson's initiative aims to leverage Leios' useful proof-of-work, non-interactive proof-of-work (NiPoPoW), and Ergo technology to create what could be the fastest and most efficient proof-of-work chain effective that exists.

And search Cardano, known for its scalability and lack of venture capital backing since its founding in 2017, has significantly improved its capabilities with this integration. The proposed merger will improve the functionality of the Bitcoin Cash network and push the boundaries of what it can achieve. Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

came advertisement Hoskinson on May 4, 2024 and has already generated significant interest. In a short time, the survey attracted more than 12,500 participants. Preliminary results show a strong trend toward approval, with 66.3% in favor of the merger. The final decision will be revealed six days after a new vote.

Bitcoin Cash , which is originally a fork of Bitcoin, was initially championed by Roger Ver. It is designed to address some of the limitations of Bitcoin. Since then, it has played a central role in improving blockchain functionality, particularly in the DeFi sector.

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This potential merger is seen by many as a strategic step toward improving blockchain interoperability. The community's response to the survey will play a critical role in determining the feasibility and timing of this integration.

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