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Bitcoin Price Surpasses $62,000 After US Jobs Data

Bitcoin price surpassed $62,000. The recovery was boosted by the latest report on the US labor market. This showed a more resilient labor market, which could be good news for the Fed.

The BTC price rebound comes after a period of correction fueled by market and regulatory uncertainty. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $61,813 per coin.

Bitcoin Price Rebounds After US Jobs Data

Desktop detection American labor statistics Reported a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 3.9%. This contradicts expectations that unemployment would stabilize at 3.8%.

Rising unemployment has not deterred resilient growth in nonfarm payrolls. 175,000 jobs were created last month, although this figure was lower than the 243,000 expected.

Despite these mixed signals, the market response has been surprisingly positive. Bitcoin rose rapidly Above the critical threshold of $60,000 to reach an intraday high of $62,150 at the time of writing.

Analysts attribute Bitcoin's bullish response to several factors. Primarily, currency is often seen as a hedge against market instability and inflation. As the US Dollar Index (DXY) fell to around 104.6, it gained Bitcoin Price dynamic, which confirms its role as a counterweight to traditional paper currencies.

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Bitcoin Price Performance
Bitcoin Price Performance. Source: Commercial view

The mixed jobs data also appears to reinforce the notion of a "soft landing" for the U.S. economy, easing concerns about a potential sharp contraction in the labor market. This outlook is reinforced by the adjustments of the federal funds, which now count on two interest rate cuts in 2024, thus doubling expectations.

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