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Cardano Foundation and Dubai Blockchain Center enter into collaborative partnership

The Cardano Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), a leader in technological innovation. This exciting collaboration will contribute to the growth and expansion of the Cardano community and pave the way for existing and new enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of Cardano's unique technology.

A qualitative partnership between the Cardano Foundation and the Dubai Blockchain Center

The Cardano Foundation and the Dubai Blockchain Center share a deep passion for spreading knowledge and understanding. Blockchain technology. This partnership will leverage advanced educational materials developed by Cardano Foundation experts. Integration of Cardano Academy content, to create personalized personal training programs. This long-term cooperation aims to improve knowledge of blockchain technology and expand its adoption throughout the Middle East and North Africa region, by offering accredited training courses.

Additionally, the partnership, officially announced at the TOKEN2049 conference, will establish a certification program specifically designed for Cardano fans. It will also offer specialized workshops aimed at educating individuals and institutions and getting them to adopt the advanced features and institutional applications of Cardano blockchain technology.

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Cardano Foundation It is an independent, non-profit organization based in Switzerland, responsible for developing Cardano as a public digital infrastructure across various sectors. This also cements Cardano as an essential tool for financial and social systems, paving the way for a new generation of digital engineers.

The Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC) is a visionary organization dedicated to revolutionizing the world's digital infrastructure. Thanks to the transformative power of blockchain technology. While its mission is to position Dubai as a leading destination for blockchain research, education, consulting and expertise, it brings together thought leaders, developers, investors and learners .

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Speaking today on the partnership, Fredrik Gregard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, said:

“Blockchain is a vital technology that has the potential to change the course of how society functions to improve everyone’s lives. Education is key to achieving this change through our partnership with prominent and distinguished leaders in this field, especially with a. successful, prestigious and visionary organization like the Dubai Blockchain Centre, “We can expand the reach and effectiveness of this educational focus.”

On the other hand, Dr. said Marwan Al-ZarouniCEO of Dubai Blockchain Center and Senior Advisor to Dubai Ministry of Economy and Tourism:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Cardano Foundation – especially as it is part of the Dubai Blockchain Center’s mission to promote education, training and research in the field of blockchain technology. ...Together, we are committed to helping improve the level of blockchain integration in a variety of sectors to drive innovation there, in addition to improving its level of influence and adoption internationally.

This collaboration aims to provide a new generation of blockchain enthusiasts with personalized educational programs and groundbreaking technology solutions specifically designed to support the application and understanding of Cardano's advanced blockchain technology. This partnership also deepens the growing ties between the Cardano Foundation and some of the most influential institutions and stakeholders in Dubai and the Middle East.

In 2023, I brought Cardano Foundation Its famous “Cardano Summit” conference is taking place for the first time in Dubai. Then this year, it will return to Dubai to host the Cardano Summit on October 23-24.

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