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Donald Trump: will he exploit digital currencies to become president of America and then turn against them?

Donald Trump seems to have become a crypto fan lately... Having previously revealed his investment in the sector, does the controversial candidate actually support cryptocurrencies or is he just using them as an argument to beat his presidential rivals?

Donald Trump expresses his interest and support for cryptocurrencies!

Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his disinterest in cryptocurrencies. In 2021, the former US president made it clear that he did not like cryptocurrencies and only wanted the US dollar as his currency. He even called cryptocurrencies a “scam” after El Salvador adopted Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender.

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Then, in December 2022, the American billionaire launched a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bearing his image. Which allowed him to raise nearly $5 million in Ethereum. These profits appear to have made him soften towards the crypto industry, as Donald Trump keeps around $6.4 million in cash. Digital currencies NOW.

Recently, at the “Trump Cards NFT Gala,” a dinner with NFT investors, Donald Trump confirmed that cryptocurrency donations to his campaign would be accepted. He also expressed his desire to simplify regulations, considered hostile, in order to strengthen the presence and development of cryptocurrency companies in the United States.

Between his old position and his new opinion, crypto enthusiasts are wondering if Donald Trump is simply trying to attract pro-crypto voters to his side by opposing the United States' hardline policy on crypto assets under the leadership of Joe Biden.

It therefore appears that Donald Trump has little to lose and a lot to gain from this change in strategy. Whether he is a supporter of cryptocurrencies or not, Trump is above all an investor who knows how to seize opportunities.

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It should be noted that Trump is not the only pro-crypto presidential candidate. Recently he spoke Robert Kennedy The son, a Democratic candidate currently third in the polls for the presidential election, is also in favor of blockchain. He promised to share the entire US budget on the blockchain so citizens can see all financial movements.

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