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Everdome unveils new Metaverse theater in Dubai

Everdome, the leading Dubai-based metaverse company, has unveiled an innovative digital theater as the latest revolutionary addition to its virtual world experience. This theater aims to open new horizons to digital creativity, and to make it accessible to all members of the new generation of pioneers of digital experiences.

Everdome launches innovative interactive Metaverse theater in Dubai

In the Middle East, metaverses are expected to provide a valuable economic opportunity. It is estimated that these worlds can contribute around $15 billion to the economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries by 2030.

Aware of the future of the industry, she revealed EverdomeVirtual World Company (Metaverse) has announced a new digital theater, the culmination of the latest expansion of its virtual world experience.

This follows the company's launch of the revolutionary Spaces, an innovative tool for creating metaverse experiences that embodies the concept of "metaverse as a service." Spaces also provides ease of use for all digital experience creators, allowing them to quickly and easily create their own virtual and interactive spaces. The Metaverse Theater also opens new horizons for the company to explore longer visual experiences and make them accessible to broader segments of the audience.

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Everdome is considered one of the event innovators within the worlds of the Metaverse, and its digital theater within its virtual world aims to prepare for this promising future. It offers a huge cinema screen that displays interactive live events, from films to musical performances and much more.

The Everdome team combines the power of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine with blockchain technology. The combination of these two technologies offers the possibility of creating interactive, impactful, accessible and immersive virtual world models in a unique digital environment that simulates the atmosphere of the planet Mars.

Everdome aims to create the most realistic metaverse experience ever, bringing brands and users together in a digital environment that mimics the real world, with the aim of achieving the best possible integration between the digital and real worlds. Ultimately creating the most realistic Web 3 experiences yet.

Engaging interaction and innovative content...characteristics of the new Metaverse Theater

Interactivity is what sets innovative metaverse destinations like Everdome apart from traditional AV platforms based on Web 2 technologies.

While interaction is limited to liking, commenting and sharing on these platforms, the new Everdome theater, within its virtual world, allows you to move freely. So that all members of the public can interact with others freely.

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Jeremy Lopez, CEO of Everdome, highlighted the potential of the Metaverse to revolutionize the way audiovisual content is created, viewed and interacted with, saying:

“We are just beginning to explore the potential of these new creative means of creating digital content across pervasive computing, the metaverse and...Artificial Intelligence. This integrated approach not only has the potential to change the way we interact with content, but it also heralds a new way of creating content and empowers the next generation to enhance their creativity. “With this new addition to the Everdome metaverse, we are exploring, imagining, and creating new ways to not only display visual content, but also interact directly within media of many different types.”

Everdome launches the alpha version of its digital theater with its own content within its virtual world to display in an interactive and attractive way the history of the development of its virtual city on Mars, presenting a renewed program of shows accessible to all. that anyone can have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a captivating virtual show, regardless of age.

In future editions, partners and brands will have the opportunity to display their own visual content within the theater. Enabling major brands and ambitious projects to explore the immersive interactive future of the new era of... Virtual worlds.

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