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How did a trader make $42 million in profits by investing in just three cryptocurrencies?

In an incredible success story, a trader... Digital currencies Making huge profits amounting to $42 million in just one year. This is done by investing in just three digital currencies. This information was revealed by Lookonchain, a company specializing in blockchain data analysis, via the "X" platform (formerly Twitter), where it published details of this lucky trader's trading history.

According to For an article Lookonchain, the trader managed to increase its portfolio from $23 million to $65 million in a year, making profits of $42 million. More importantly, the trader only used three cryptocurrencies to grow his portfolio: PEEP, ONDO and BEAM.

Trader's wallet Source: Lookonchain
Source of trader's portfolio: Lookonchain

60 million dollars in profits thanks to the PEPE coin

PEPE part, a popular meme coin, was the most profitable for the trader. He made $60 million buying PEPE. When the market was in an unfavorable state and sell when the market became bullish.

The trader invested $4 million in 2,434 ETH to purchase 3.97 trillion PEPE between November 2, 2023 and February 1, 2024.

Then convert that to 350 ETH (worth $0.127 million) by selling just 25 billion PEPE and holding 3.84 trillion PEPE, worth $56.43 million.

In total, the trader earned $60 million, with a return on investment (ROI) of 1,203%.

$5.8 million in profits thanks to ONDO coin

ONDO is the cryptocurrency of ONDO Finance and is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinmarketCap.

The trader invested $1.9 million to buy $7.55 million ONDO piece Between January 28 and February 6. At the time, ONDO was trading at an average price of $0.26, but it is now rising. ONDO Price At $1.08.

The trader sold 2.56 million ONDO for $2 million and held 4.99 million ONDO, worth $5.73 million. With this investment in a lesser-known altcoin, he earned $5.8 million, a return on investment of 288%.

$1.85 million profit from BEAM coin

The third cryptocurrency was BEAM, where a trader invested $2.59 million to purchase 139.47 million BEAM coins on January 4-5 at an average price of $0.019. At the time of writing, BEAM is trading at $0.02666.

In February, the merchant sold the entire... BEAM parts 139.47 million and brought in $4.44 million at an average cost of $0.032.

Even if the BEAM Price It increased further in the following days, but the trader still earned $1.85 million. With an ROI of 72% for this digital currency.

The Lookonchain team praised the trader's ability to choose the appropriate digital currencies and the ideal time to invest.

The trader skillfully chose the best digital currencies and the right time to invest. Besides PEPE, the trader's portfolio included BEAM and ONDO, which is interesting and unusual.

The hype around the famous meme is understandable PEPE But the other two currencies were not as popular and demand was low. Despite this, these two currencies brought millions to the trader.

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