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Jason Mo Reveals Secrets to Successful Crypto Portfolio Management During a Bull Market

Cryptocurrency millionaire whale and former professional poker player, Jason Moe, has revealed 3 secrets to properly allocate his investment portfolio for the next bull run. Here are its three secrets.

Digital Currency Millionaire Whale Reveals 3 Secrets to Properly Managing Investment Portfolio in a Rising Market

Jason mo He is a former professional poker player who has won over $2 million in several major tournaments. He is one of the first investors in crypto, having invested in Bitcoin and the Ethereum ICO in 2015. He is now one of the many crypto whales investing in the crypto space.

In a dialogue His on YouTube with Taiki Maeda (Taiki Maeda), during the Crypto Market Wizards session, Jason Mo talked about the secrets to success in the high-risk crypto industry. In particular, it focuses on three important keys and concepts to stay in the market and not get cut off by bear cycles characterized by intense speculation in cryptocurrencies.

Above all… knowing how to stay calm in any situation and prepare to lose

If there's one key thing Jason Moe has learned from his gaming past, it's to stay calm in any situation andPrepare to lose. The investor says the fear of missing an opportunity is a bad mentality that will not bear fruit. He also believes that an investor should be aware of what he wants to do in the cryptocurrency sector and what he can invest in:

"Above all, you have to remain objective in all situations. You have to approach things analytically and not emotionally. I think this is even more true in bull markets where all assets are going up, and you might think that it We're missing something." or that you are not paying enough attention to it. ", or that you should increase your allocations to these positions... The feeling of missing an opportunity is a very bad mentality... You just need to have a general thesis about what is happening. you want to do in cryptocurrencies... Also, don't compare what you do and what others do. Be objective and follow your own path.

The cryptocurrency whale warns traders to remain objective and not chase big profits. He believes that one must be objective in investing. Even if other people earn 10 times more on their investments and you only earn 10 or 20% per year, that's still pretty good.

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Jason emphasizes that an investor must be well prepared for losses, equipped with hardware wallets and be attentive to security issues in the industry. In addition to committing to assets in which the investor has sufficient confidence.

Allocate the investment portfolio according to the initial capital possessed by the investor. Secrets of successful people

Jason Mo believes that every dollar counts and can prove its worth. Above all, the investor hopes to stay in the game as long as possible. Jason explains how to customize an investment portfolio based on the initial capital the investor has. Jason says about this:

“The second thing that's hard to understand is that what you can do in DeFi is proportional to the size of your initial capital... So for people who have gone through several cycles and made a lot of money, they have a huge advantage. when you get into the next round, just because they have the capital to deploy and they have the experience, so I would say if you're just starting out and you don't have a lot of capital, try to be as capital efficient as possible. »

In this regard, Jason believes that it is very important to review Investment portfolio Each week, understand the impact of initial decisions, evaluate investments, and review opportunities. He also revealed that he tries each period to determine whether each capital is deployed in a reasonable and beneficial manner, and based on the result, he adjusts or supports positions. It revolves around the idea of ​​reassessing investor beliefs.

So this follows the idea of ​​objectivity. In a very volatile market, it is very difficult to remain objective. It's even more difficult in an industry where so much is said and announced on the networks.

Use profits made from purchasing stablecoins to invest in negative yield solutions in DeFi

Jason Moe's third tip is about establishing convictions before diversifying an investment portfolio. He particularly recommends using capital wisely. In particular by using the profits made from the purchase of stablecoins to invest in negative yield solutions in DeFi.

“I recommend allocating a small portion of your initial capital to moonshots, tokens that can be priced on the moon, but are high risk, and be prepared to lose everything you spend on them... For the majority of your assets, you should only invest in your assets with the highest conviction or... The highest return on average projects.... I recommend to people who come with good capital of starting point of always keeping a certain percentage in Stable coin. So figure out what percentage you feel comfortable keeping in cryptocurrencies, then allocate a certain portion of those tokens into stablecoins.

Jason also sees stablecoins as useful and productive on-chain assets. Thanks to it, you can get a decent return with almost no risk. But apart from that, the investment portfolio should be diversified. The problem with diversification or what people think about diversification in cryptocurrencies is that many crypto assets are highly interconnected.

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If you have $100,000 and you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and you diversify, but you only buy 10 altcoins for $10,000, that's not diversification. They will trade very similarly to each other on a daily and monthly basis... So I think it's important to almost always hold something like Bitcoin and Ethereum and keep stablecoins as the majority of your wallet.... Try using these assets "

Indeed, according to Jason Mo, it is also important to take into account the fact that certain projects that are very visible today can be deployed in a market that will experience significant growth. They will therefore have much more competition and only some will benefit. Jason concludes by emphasizing that:

"In the field Cryptocurrencies“I think you can never have 100% conviction about something.”

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