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New opportunity: extension of the pre-sale period for Mollars coins until May 31... and a global stock exchange announces the listing

The pre-sale of Mollars pieces was scheduled to end during the first week of May; With different reports suggesting different dates. But the official team has now confirmed that the date will be pushed back to May 31.

There are two reasons to delay the appointment. The first is general demand from large investors and investors in general, and the $2 million cap target is expected to be met or at least 80%. This will achieve the maximum results specified in the white papers. Which includes long-term post-launch marketing and a full million-dollar liquidity pool.

Second, the majority vote among Mollars creators and developers believes that the extension was appropriate due to the loss of over 45 days, during the ICO marketing period, when fraudulent companies attempted to hijack Mollars. com.

At the height of the coin's presale in early 2024, the site address took place Domain Temporarily held hostage by the decentralized registry NJAL.LA. The attempt was stopped after two weeks. But previous promotions and site rankings were lost for about 45 days, causing pre-sales to stop.

It is mentioned that At the time of the domain theft, traders were buying more than 90,000 Mollars per day.

Mollars Coin Presale Deadline

According to the issuing company, no postponement is specified. After that, Mollars will launch on the most powerful decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Mollars are currently sold for $0.55 (cents) via the official website

. It is also in the fifth of six pre-sale rounds. In the final round, investors will have to pay $0.60 per coin.

If the Mollars ICO hard cap of $2 million is reached, the new store of value asset from the Ethereum blockchain will first be listed on the exchange(s) at a price of $0.62. The total liquidity of the exchange(s) will be a maximum of $1 million.

Important update

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart announced via Twitter that it will list its MOLLARS token. Mollars will launch on several cryptocurrency exchanges. This has now been confirmed via an official third party, the stock exchange.

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