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NotCoin game and currency offer free rewards and the secret to Toncoin's strong rise

I witnessed TON coinTON, the original digital currency of the Open Network blockchain, rose significantly in the cryptocurrency markets on Thursday, becoming the most important currency in the index of the 100 largest digital currencies. This increase came after the announcement of Notcoin, a popular trading game on Telegram appannounced the official launch date of its own digital currency, NOTcoin May 16.

What is the Notcoin game?

Notcoin is the name of a modern game It is based on a recently launched cryptocurrency that has attracted millions of players in just a few months, thanks to its simple gameplay mechanic and attractive in-game rewards feature.

The game attracted 35 million players before April 1, when the mining phase ended, and the launch date remained anticipated for weeks, especially after the launch was postponed several times.

Notcoin It's a rewards game that allows players to "mine" a cryptocurrency called Notcoin by repeatedly tapping an animated gold coin in the Telegram app. The game is free and easy to use, and does not require creating a digital wallet or purchasing cryptocurrencies first.

History of Notcoin

  • Launch of tests: The game started in closed beta in November 2023 and quickly attracted 650,000 players in a few weeks.

  • Official launch: The game officially launched in January 2024, attracting over 5 million players in the first week alone.

  • Rapid growth: Currently, the game has over 35 million players and peaks at 6 million daily active users, making it one of the fastest growing crypto games in the world.

Digital currency NO

After the in-game mining period, Notcoin announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, NOTcoin, on April 20, 2024. The goal of this token was to transform Notcoin from a simple in-game currency to a tradable currency on the open network (TON). , giving it real value.

Notcoin launch DOES NOT support Toncoin TON

One of the main factors that pushed the price of TON higher was the announcement by trading platform Binance that it would offer billions of NOTcoins as rewards to its customers through a staking program before be listed on the stock exchange.

Binance NOTCOIN platform via Its platform Binance Launch Pool. Where users can earn NO coins by staking BNB and FDUSD. This agricultural process will begin on May 13, 2024.

In addition to a similar campaign run by rival trading platform OKX, over 4 billion NOT coins will be distributed through these initiatives. Which could lead to an increase in demand for purchasing Toncoin currency in the coming days.

will be used The OKX platform has launched its “Jumpstart” program dedicated to new digital projects to offer Toncoin holders the opportunity to stake it in order to obtain NOT coins.

The participation limit has been set at 4000 TON per user. The participation process will also begin on May 13, 2024.

Yesterday, decentralized digital currency exchange DYdX announced its support for TON coin, while Hong Kong's HashKey platform listed TON coin on Thursday.

Not only has NoteCoin been launched, but the TON series has recently attracted attention due to a range of... Partnerships Concluded. Most notable is the significant investment from Pantera Capital. Although the value of the investment has not been disclosed, I confirm Pantera Capital has announced its largest ever investment in the TON platform.

Adding today's price movements together, we see that Toncoin is up 24% overall over the past week.

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