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Shiba Inu: Whale Moves Huge Amounts of SHIB Coin in Conjunction with Price Stability

One of the main investors in Shiba Inu SHIB meme piece He recently uploaded a whopping amount of over 1.7 trillion memes. Due to the volume of these transactions, they have attracted the attention of market participants and many questions about the destination of these currencies and the reasons for their movements.

A whale carries 1.7 trillion SHIB

Blockchain data shows that this whale's account on digital currency exchange Robinhood transferred 1.7 trillion Shiba Inu SHIB coins from one wallet to another in two separate transactions. With 875 billion Chiba coins transferred in the first transaction and the same amount in the second.

The trading platform is known for moving huge amounts of Chiba coins between its wallets, possibly to meet customer demand. The platform recently announced the transfer of 3 trillion SHIB coins in a single transaction.

Robinhood's latest move follows its recent listing of the meme coin for its clients in New York. Accordingly, the purpose of these huge transactions could be to execute buy orders. Large transfers – carried out by whales – are considered favorable to the meme currency and can lead to an increase in prices.

In addition to whales, other Shiba Inu investors also appear to be hoarding the meme coin wherever it appears. data Received from the on-chain analysis platform (IntoTheBlock) that the imbalance between supply and demand volume is in favor of the same coin

Another positive sign Shibainu SHIB coin She Increased part burning. Data from burn tracking site Shiburn shows part burns have increased by almost 30% in the past week.

Lead Shiba Inu Developer Hints at New Project

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of SHIB, recently shared a cryptic GIF on Twitter containing the word "Evita", which means "life" in Latin.

Kaal Dhairya, another Shiba Inu developer, also shared a GIF on the X platform containing the word "Evita". Which indicates the possibility that the team is working on another project within the Shiba Inu system.

Members of the Shiba Inu community have already begun trying to decipher these mysterious tweets. But in vain so far, because things do not go beyond speculation.

Hmmm, this is definitely something to pay attention to, especially since Kusama has posted cryptic messages in the past as an introduction. Advertise big.

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