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Study: 35% of cryptocurrency investors do not trust their knowledge

A recent study conducted by online learning platform Preply revealed important insights into U.S. cryptocurrency investors' familiarity with cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and metaverses.

Tutorials are essential to fill the crypto knowledge gap

The study identifies top states and cities leading in searches related toCryptocurrencies. Florida, Washington and California top the list, with Orlando, Miami and Atlanta showing particularly strong interest. Even cities like Birmingham, Alabama and Laramie, Wyoming are showing high curiosity about cryptocurrencies, indicating broad national interest in digital assets.

The results highlight different levels of interest and understanding among different demographic groups. Notably, 35% of cryptocurrency investors do not have confidence in their knowledge. This lack of understanding extends to blockchain technology, as 60% of investors admit to not understanding its concepts.

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Levels of confidence in cryptographic knowledge by demographics.
Levels of confidence in cryptographic knowledge by demographics. Source: Byrd

Popular crypto slang terms such as DAO, DEX, and ICO are among the most searched terms, reflecting strong curiosity about these concepts. Despite growing curiosity, study highlights significant lack of knowledge And trust Among cryptocurrency investors.

40% of cryptocurrency investors do not trust their knowledge of the sector

Gen Z investors, in particular, demonstrate high uncertainty, with 40% feeling unsure about their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, non-investors are showing great interest in learning more about cryptocurrencies, especially Generation X, who is most eager to gain new knowledge.

Additionally, the report reveals a notable link between investment in Cryptocurrencies And interest in NFTs and metaverses. While only 11% want to invest in NFTs, 32% are curious to explore the metaverse. Interestingly, those who have invested in cryptocurrencies are more likely to move into other digital assets such as NFTs, suggesting that initial exposure to cryptocurrencies could lead to more interest. broad for digital finance.

Millennials appear to be the most confident in their understanding of cryptocurrencies, with men generally feeling more confident than women. However, overall data indicates that there is an urgent need to improve educational resources to build knowledge and confidence in digital finance.

Dominic Carosa, President and Co-Founder of Hivello, highlights the need for educational institutions and the technology industry to collaborate to create... Educational broadcasts accessible. Interactive workshops, tailored online training and community initiatives are essential. Integrating blockchain education into school curricula and offering certificate programs can significantly reduce generational and gender disparities.

“To further encourage learning, governments or companies could consider leaving blockchain-based tokens with real monetary value to citizens. This approach not only provides a financial incentive for learning, but also provides hands-on experience with blockchain transactions, which could accelerate adoption and implementation.” literacy in the market. Carosa told BeInCrypto.

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As digital assets continue to grow in popularity, the report shows the importance of educational initiatives to help people navigate and participate in these emerging financial spaces.

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