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Worldcoin (WLD) price jumps 30% in a week amid rumors of a new product from OpenAI

In a surprising development in the cryptocurrency markets,... Worldcoin Price (WLD) A sharp increase of 30% over the past week.

This increase is due to speculation around a potential new product from OpenAI.

Worldcoin WLD Value Rises Amid OpenAI Rumors

This sudden rise comes in response to speculation and bets linked to unconfirmed news about the intentions of OpenAI, the developer of the famous artificial intelligence platform “ChatGPT”. Launch of its own search engine.

Even if the currencyWLD World Coin“It's not directly related to OpenAI, but the name of entrepreneur Sam Altman is a link between the two projects.

He leads the “World Coin” project, based on iris scanning technology, and is CEO of “Open AI”. This was enough to have a positive impact on the price of the currency, a reflection of the volatile nature of digital currency markets which are quickly affected even by speculation.

The buzz started earlier this month when AI researcher Pete Huang hinted on social media. The imminent launch of “” scheduled for May 9.

This news has sparked investor interest, placing WLD coin at the forefront of AI-related crypto assets.

Additional Factors Create Excitement Around the Coin

Adding to the excitement, a recent report from Santiment indicated that the coin's market capitalization WordPress Corner WLD It increased by 44% in early May. Supported by Warren Buffett's controversial statements regarding the possibility of artificial intelligence technology being used in illicit financial activities.

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These statements shed intense light on digital currencies linked to artificial intelligence, including World Coin.

Daily trading volumes have also seen a significant increase, with a 134% increase yesterday, indicating strong interest in the market.

On May 6, trader Cryptosahintas expressed his positive expectations regarding the price of Worldcoin WLD.
Cryptosahintas trader shared his price predictions for the coin WordPress Corner WLD, which raises the possibility of it expanding to 16 countries in the long term. Where he said in Tweeter On Twitter:

“On the daily chart of #WorldCoin, the technical outlook is positive. In the short term, we can expect $12, then $16.”

maybe For a potential partnership between OpenAI WLD coin will combine advanced artificial intelligence technologies with WordCoin services, which could improve utility. WLD And its attractiveness.

However, This alliance could also be subject to regulatory scrutiny, given Altman's influential role in both entities. This appears to be deterring investors, as evidenced by a notable increase in open interest volumes on the Worldcoin futures market. Which jumped 21.5% in The last 24 hours.

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